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RIKO - Realisierung innovativer Konstruktionswerkstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, Niedersachsen

Fiber-reinforced construction materials made of renewable resources are new materials whose constructive role model is found in nature. Areas of application for these materials can be found everywhere where the advantages of wood as a natural material can be combined with the advantages of polymer products. This includes the furniture, sports and leisure industries and the manufacture of automobiles and track vehicles.

This application potential is still far from being exhausted. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry of the State of Lower Saxony initiated at comprehensive study of the market in 1996 in order to determine the necessary and available know-how potential for the successful development of marketable products made of fiber-reinforced construction materials in different applications.

As a result of this study, RIKO was established as the center of competence for fiber-reinforced construction materials in order to prepare, make available, and communicate information in a manner that caters to individual needs. RIKO’s main task is the success-oriented transfer of presently achieved and constantly updated results to the market with the goal to encourage developments and release latent market potential.

The Internet plays a key role here and guarantees quick access to the latest information at In addition, each market participant has the opportunity to present his topic-related services in a central databank. This databank simultaneously enables interest groups to link up with each other.

RIKO additionally initiates active cooperations for the implementation of innovative ideas into marketable products that are composed of fiber-reinforced construction materials made with renewable resources. Industrial safety helmets or interior paneling elements for track vehicles are two examples of how this material can be applied. RIKO coordinates the comprehensive know-how of its approx. 1300 network partners in over 600 businesses and institutions which are situated on all levels of the value-added chain.

RIKO supports businesses with particularly promising developments and product ideas in their presentation and submission of project applications. This is supplemented with wide-reaching public-relations work and targeted measures at different specialized events and fairs. RIKO has established its own "Construction Materials Made of Renewable Resources" conference which will take place again for the 6th time at 13th of November 2003 on AGRITECHNICA fair in Hannover. The latest developments in this field will be presented at this conference.


RIKO - Realisierung innovativer Konstruktionswerkstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, Niedersachsen

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