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Kompetenzzentrum Bauteilsimulation SimBAU

The center of competence Simulation of components and behavior of components, SimBAU combines activities in the field of numerical simulations of the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg and Halle and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Materials Research IFAM in Bremen. Being active member of the action group "Simulation in process and product development" SimBAU offers broad knowledge and experience in applied Fraunhofer research.

Through its close link to the Fraunhofer IWM SimBAU offers profound competence in material related aspects of simulation. IWM has been leading in the development of material models coping with the complexity of realistic loading situations.

On the basis of the well established interplay of experimental techniques and theoretically modelling IWM has developed and promoted macroscopic material models. Their applicability rests on micro-structural observations and on precise measurements of the model parameters. Especially the manifold and excellent experimental capabilities of the IWM offer a solid basis for the claim of SimBAU to provide valid assessments of component behavior.

The center of competence SimBAU is an easy partner for the industry in questions concerning the application of simulation. On the basis of joint analysis with industrial partners SimBAU offers to develop individual simulation solutions which help to reduce development times and costs. Industrial partners are presented with new concepts to speed up innovation cycles and, hence, to improve their ranking in the global market.

For new partners we offer first consulting free of charge

Having in mind the comprehensive networking of miscellaneous research activities in this field SimBAU complements parallel centers of competence for modeling of materials in Mainz and process simulation in Aachen.


Kompetenzzentrum Bauteilsimulation SimBAU

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