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Luftfahrtstandort Hamburg: das Kompetenznetz im Norden

Hamburg - The place for aviation is engaged in the development, manufacture, equipment, maintenance and world wide support of civil passenger and cargo aircraft across a range of leading technologies with broad-based applications.

Aviation is a major sector of industry in Northern Germany. Centered around Airbus Deutschland GmbH (Airbus), Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) and Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (Hamburg Airport), a regional network of some 300 small and medium sized suppliers utilize the growth prospects provided by major companies in the area to successfully offer aviation-industry products and aviation-related services world wide.

The Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TU HH), the University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), the University of the Armed Forces and the Technology Center Hamburg-Finkenwerder (THF) form a high-performance aviation-related knowledge, training and research infrastructure which is supplemented by additional facilities in the private sector.

Cooperation in the THF between the major industrial partner Airbus and TU HH extends beyond aircraft systems technology to work in fields such as materials and construction technology as well as development and manufacturing technology. The close links with Airbus, combined with intensive testing activities, promote application-oriented research at TU HH on the one hand and the direct implementation of innovation, particularly in the aircraft industry, on the other hand. The THF model is a recognized best-practice example of public private partnership in the research sector.

Hamburg is Germany’s leading center for basic and advanced training in the aviation industry. Partial certification in accordance with European aviation standards can be obtained during vocational training. Companies and the government-run vocational school are licensed under JAR. The work conducted under the Qualification Programme Task Force was thus not surprisingly cited as an example of best practice in the EU’s Star 21 Report (Strategic Aerospace Review for the 21st Century).

The cooperation between business, research, institutions, associations and public authorities is documented for example at the Aircraft Interiors Expo trade fair (cabin systems), the MRO-Europe Congress (maintenance, repair, overhaul) and the Hamburg Aviation Conference.


Luftfahrtstandort Hamburg: das Kompetenznetz im Norden

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