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Kompetenznetz Virtuelle Arbeitswelten

The demands on working systems are constantly undergoing change: the fast and secure exchange of large amounts of information, made available at any time and at any place, is now a basic requirement for the efficiency of the economy and society. This modern information and telecommunication technology lies at the center of the VIRTUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT Competence Network, based in Darmstadt/Starkenburg. The sustainable, user-friendly design of the work environment is based primarily on the users’ needs and the security of data transmission.

The globalization of competition has made international cooperation more important. At the same time, more complex tasks increasingly call for interdisciplinary project work. IT-based teamwork, characterized by a high level of diversity, flexibility and vitality, will become the predominant form of work. The need to create a teamwork environment for flexible, mobile, and spatially dispersed project teams and virtual organizations will lead to the creation of new forms of collaboration among people in different places. In the future, people from different organizations spread all over the world will be able to work together and share documents in virtual project offices or even virtual companies. Innovative hardware and software is being created to link the real world with the virtual world. For example, computers will be integrated into furniture, the home, vehicles, and clothing. Intelligent systems and new methods of interaction between humans and technology are being developed - such as advanced input systems controlled by speech or gesture. The vision is of a completely digitized world, in which computers are user-friendly and omnipresent, but invisible.

Within this network, leading international research institutes in the information technology (IT) sector and powerful IT businesses have created a platform for a constant exchange of information and project collaboration. The partners in this network come from different links in the value-added chain, from the underlying information and telecommunication technology to user-oriented applications and the implementation of scientific research findings in industry. The technology transfer partners create the necessary innovation-friendly environment that allows the network to evolve.

The objective of this network is to consolidate existing know-how and thereby expand the knowledge base. Through the exchange between industry and science, R&D activities are aligned with the needs of industry and society. Fields of application for this network of competence include product development, process simulation, medicine and also e-retailing and e-training.

Ambient intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, virtual engineering, wearable computing, public key infrastructure, smart card technology, trusted signature terminal?these are only a few of the technologies of the future being transformed into reality by the competence network VIRTUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT.

Overview of the network’s areas of competence:

  • Design of virtual work surfaces and workspaces
  • Control of business processes / e-business / e-marketing / tele-engineering / m-commerce / teleworking, etc.
  • E-education / computer-based-training
  • Network security technology
  • Telecommunications technology


Kompetenznetz Virtuelle Arbeitswelten

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