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Kompetenznetzwerk Engineering der Virtuellen Fabrik Baden-Württemberg

ENG-Net is a network of innovations and wants to increase the competences and products of the partners through cooperation and concentrating of know how. We want to be a leading network of Technology and we are able to offer more than the single competences of our partners. We are creating new strategies in the development of innovative products and we are open for new ideas through a strong cooperation with partners and customers. The results are available in the training courses of our partner "Chamber of Industry and Commerce" of the region Lake Constance-Upper Swabia.

ENG-NET is integrated in the "Virtuelle Fabrik Baden-Württemberg". In the moment we are a network of 15 SME-partners in engineering, development and production.

ENG-NET wants to work in the complete chain of product- and process development and is a perfect platform for complex and innovative development projects and system-solutions through the different competences of the partner companies. Another important task is the developing of the market for the added value of the integration of competences and to involve the cooperation with research institutes and organisations for the theoretical and scientific background.

The partners of ENG-NET are concentrated in Baden-Württemberg, but they are operating globally in: Automotive industry, aircraft- and space, medical and environmental technologies, paper- and glass industry, process plants, automation and robotics. ENG-NET has a common intranet-platform together with 3 other Virtual Companies in D and CH. In different teams and internal meetings we are looking for a continual cooperation of all partners. Through the intranet all members are informed about the activities of the partners.


Kompetenznetzwerk Engineering der Virtuellen Fabrik Baden-Württemberg

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