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Kompetenznetz Adaptronik

The concentration of know-how in the Network of Competence Adaptronis surely can be described as worldwide unique. The basis for this Network of Competence was essentially the cooperation of different research facilities and universities in 1992. In 1997 the amount of members was enlarged regionally and nationwide by universi-ties, major research establishments, small and medium enterprises as well as large industrial companies.

The objective of the Network of Competence is the introduction of adaptronical solu-tions into all fields of mechanical engineering in order to optimise new product devel-opments and existing processes, respectively. In addition, core competences shall be developed that secure the partner’s value creation potentials and foster the build-ing up of future markets.

For all components of a so-called adaptronical systems - that means self-adjusting towards outer influences - the network partner possess strong competencies. Pre-requisite for the development of adaptive systems is the system-optimal association of sensors and actuators on the basis of new multifunctional materials such as pie-zoceramic fibers and patches, shape memory alloys or magnetostrictive materials with adaptive controllers. Thus, they take over simultaneously load-carrying as well as actuatoric / sensory tasks and are therefore multifunctional. The aim is to carry out innovative concepts by means of Adaptronics particularly for the active vibration and noise reduction, shape control or micro positioning.


Kompetenznetz Adaptronik

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