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Regenerative Kraftstoffe: ReFuelNet

In a future energy system with decentral structures of energy production and -consumption, it will take an important part to provide fuels of renewable resources. Renewable fuels are - besides hydrogen - above all alcohols, hydrocarbons and biomass-based oils, which can be used as alternatives or as additives with conventional fuels. The utilisation of renewable fuels for the operation of fuel cells in mobile application and in decentral application as combined heat and power system (CHP) is besides the utilisation in combustion engines, a particular technological challenge. Except of biodiesel, of which the availability is limited, exist practically no trial solutions for a "sustainable mobility" and for a diversification on the fuel market. As well for conventional combustion engines as for future fuel cells are fuels necessary, which besides pollutant-limited emissions have an beneficial CO2-balance.
Besides a reduction of consumption, in the longer term this can only be guaranteed by producing renewable fuels.

The Competence Network Renewable Fuels "ReFuelNet" bundles the competences across the disciplines for production and use of renewable fuels with the intention of a gradual substitution of fossil fuels and the reduction of CO2-emissions.

The following competences will be included in the Network:

  • chemical engineering,
  • thermal engineering,
  • bio engineering,
  • membran development,
  • catalysis,
  • hydrogen technology and fuel cells,
  • biomass conversion methods,
  • system analysis.

Besides research and development institutions, many participants out of industry and commerce are integrated in the Network. On the one hand, this facilitates a better alignment of new research projects on market needs and on the other hand, the results of fundamental research can easier be transferred in practical applications or products.


Regenerative Kraftstoffe: ReFuelNet

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