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Regeneration biology holds some of the most promising economic potential for biotechnology in the health sector and is regarded as the growth market for the 21st. century.

This prompted the BioRegio Stuttgart/Neckar-Alb to propose the "Development Concept Regeneration Biology" in the national BioProfile competition hosted by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Today known as BioRegio STERN (Stuttgart, Tuebingen, Esslingen, Reutlingen, Neckar-Alb), the network’s competition entry has resulted in funding of 18 million euros over the next five years, this being devoted to the commercialization of regenerative biotechnology projects for specific applications. These funds are to be matched in amount by the companies involved.

The aim of the development concept is to systematically promote and develop new products, processes and services in the field of regeneration biology and to implement these in clinical applications.

The regeneration biology network acts as a platform to pool the strengths of all partners. As the central contact point, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH handles the core tasks of overall coordination related to regional development of biotechnological expertise, including resource planning, infrastructure planning, public relations, advice on business start-ups, location marketing, planning and execution of information events, trade fairs and conferences, and other services for institutes and companies in the BioRegion. The Association for the Promotion of Biotechnology Stuttgart/Tuebingen/Neckar-Alb e.V in Tuebingen represents the interests of scientists and the numerous scientific establishments.

Participants in the network concentrate on three focal fields:
Regeneration medicine, regenerative nutritional physiology and phytoregeneration.
Regeneration medicine is a new medical discipline that pursues a new conceptual approach towards the restoration of organ functions on the basis of regeneration biology. It permits the targeted development of treatment strategies for various disorders and illnesses caused by cell loss. This is notably the root cause of the most frequent disorders, including sensory and neurodegenerative problems (impaired hearing, loss of sight, Alzheimer’s disease), cardiovascular disease (heart failure), rheumatic conditions, endocrine disorders (diabetes) and traumatalogical illnesses. Given the increasing life expectancy in the industrialized countries, successful treatment on the basis of regeneration medicine would result in a substantial reduction in treatment and care costs and in an improvement in the quality of life of patients.
Phytoregenerative biotechnology shows its economic potential in the industrial reproduction of plant organisms. An important area of application is, for example, the production of vital energy sources such as starch, cotton and bioethanol. Phytoregenerative biotechnology is also gaining particular importance in the agro-industrial utilization of genetically modified crops.



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