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BioHyTec - Netzwerk Biohybride Technologien

Network Profile

Biohybrid technologies are a promising and expanding new field of modern biotechnology. They combine expertise in biosensor development, nanotechnology and microelectronic chip design. As highly innovative products, biochips open up entirely new business opportunities through their integration of biological and microelectronic systems. Biochips and microarrays are sure to revolutionize high-throughput multi-parametric protein and DNA/RNA analysis. Through the binding of specific oligonucleotides or antibody-like aptamer molecules, complete labs can be functionalized on a single chip, which can be designed to specific requirements. Scientists and biotech companies are currently exploring new and exciting applications in pharmaceutical research, medical diagnosis, food analysis and gene technology. Estimates predict an annual market volume of about US$ 5 billion in this sector in the years ahead. Miniaturization, parallelism, micro-integration and mass production can cut costs by up to 80% in comparison with conventional procedures.

In Berlin and Brandenburg, top-level research groups in the fields of biosensor research, bioanalysis and molecular biology are focusing on the development of

  • DNA-chips for medical diagnosis (humans, animals),
  • Biochips for proteomics, and
  • Biosensor-chips for health care applications.

Under the InnoRegioInitiative, headed by the German federal ministry for education and research, with additional support by the University of Potsdam and the interdisciplinary alliance for bioanalytic research [Interdisziplinärer Forschungsverbund Bioanalytik], scientists and entrepreneurs have been built up the "Biohybrid Technologies" regional network. The core of this network is the "BioHyTec Verein für Bioanalytik und Biohybrid-Technologien e.V.", one of the winners of the InnoRegio competition. This non-profit organization coordinates all of the network’s relevant interests and activities. The "BioHyTec" biohybrid technologies network facilitates

  • the establishment, development and co-ordination of co-operation between research teams and biotech companies;
  • the identification and implementation of new R&D projects involving bioelectronic systems;
  • the establishment of a technological platform for the development of biochips;
  • biochip production and
  • training of skilled staff at the University of Applied Sciences Wildau and the Luckenwalde Biotech Park.

Intensive networking between research groups and industry provides the foundation for a diverse and competitive industrial environment dedicated to biohybrid technologies. Together with BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg, which acts as the coordination center for biotechnology in Berlin and Brandenburg, the network represents all key biohybrid technologies at conferences, trade fairs and other events.


BioHyTec - Netzwerk Biohybride Technologien

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