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Garderos erschließt mit Nocable italienischen WLAN-Markt

Munich-based WLAN software provider Garderos has won Nocable of Italy as another important international customer. For the first time the software of the Siemens spin-off will be offered within a hotspot-in-a-box product.

Munich, 25 March 2004. Garderos Software Innovations GmbH is providing Nocable of Napoli with its access and accounting software for the management of wireless local area networks (WLANs). Nocable will use the software in a “hotspot-in-a-box” product. This enables business owners (of restaurants or cafés for instance) to easily and cost-effectively offer high speed Internet access to their customers.

Nocable S.p.a., formed in 2002, is the first Italian virtual Mobile Operator authorized by the Italian Ministry of Communication to offer Wi-Fi at public places within cities. The company is now in a position to offer a hotspot-in-a-box solution to a wide range of potential hotspot owners throughout Italy. It has launched a "Net Partner" programme, addressing potential customers that are interested in the fast, reliable and secure deployment of their own Public WLAN hotspots. WiTech S.r.l., a system integrator and spin-off of the University of Pisa, has joined “Net Partner”, and has already begun with the deployment of hotspots across the region of Tuscany.

Garderos’ software is designed to meet Nocable’s demanding requirements for the deployment of Public WLAN hotspots. Users get fast and secure high-speed access to the Internet or corporate intranets. Furthermore, they are billed to-the-second and can choose between different payment methods, e.g. prepaid card, credit card or even SMS.

Hans Christensen, CEO of Garderos, is delighted by the new international customer. “Nocable, its solution and its “Net Partner” programme are particularly appealing to hotspot operators, and we are looking forward to seeing our software at work at hundreds of hotspots across Italy.”

"We have tested the Garderos platform extensively," explains Marco Caldarazzo, CEO of Nocable, "and the results have been excellent. We count on it to accelerate our growth in the Italian WLAN market. Garderos’ software can truly be called a point of reference."


Garderos erschließt mit Nocable italienischen WLAN-Markt

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