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Garderos-Software kommt an 400 Tankstellen zum Einsatz

The software of Munich-based WLAN-specialist Garderos will be deployed at 400 Agip gas stations by the end of April 2004. Due to a cooperation agreement with Airnyx AG, the Siemens spin-off company is thus participating in a further major public wireless LAN project.

Munich-based WLAN-specialist Garderos and Airnyx AG start their first major partnership project by collaborating in the deployment of 400 hotspots. A few weeks ago, Airnyx signed a cooperation agreement with Agip under which 400 of its gas stations will be equipped with WLAN-technology by the end of April 2004.

Airnyx has chosen Garderos´ “i250 Public WLAN-platform” as the access and billing software. “We provide our customers with first class services, therefore we have chosen reliable partners,” explains Volker Werbus, CTO of Airnyx. “Garderos´ software is a scalable solution. It can be adapted to our business model and meets our demanding quality requirements.” Hermann Knauer, Director Global Accounts of Garderos, adds: “A short amortization period is a crucial factor for large-scale successes. In this respect, Garderos offers the right combination of a powerful back end and low-cost access solutions.”

A further plus of Garderos´ billing platform lies in the flexibility with regard to the payment methods: At gas stations, usage is billed per minute, either via roaming partners or prepaid cards, which are sold on the spot. Thus, customers can use their laptops to get smooth and easy wireless access to the Internet, they can access corporate networks or send e-mails while out and about. To assure highest level of security, Airnyx is operating two independent Garderos billing platforms. They can automatically be switched over in case of interferences. Central administration guarantees a high level of efficiency and service quality.

For the operation of the hotspot at the Agip stations, Airnyx has not only teamed up with Garderos, but also with further strong partners. Intel, for instance, certifies all hotspots and tests the deployment of VPN-solutions, while T-Systems provides the integration of roaming-partners. Hans Christensen, CEO of Garderos, regards the participation of Garderos as an honor: “This project is a further milestone for our company. This is the time for large-scale projects as is clearly shown by the speed of Airnyx´ roll-out, and we are confident that our platform will be setting a quasi-standard for the market.”


Garderos-Software kommt an 400 Tankstellen zum Einsatz

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