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Garderos verdreifachte 2003 seinen Umsatz

Munich-based WLAN specialist Garderos, which was founded in 2002, continued to pursue its growth course in 2003: The company acquired new and renowned customers in Germany and abroad, expanded its partnerships with leading technology groups and successfully closed its second round of funding.

Garderos Software Innovations GmbH managed to triple its revenues over the last fiscal year. The company´s i250 Public Wirless LAN platform, which allows an efficient and secure installation and operation of IP-based networks at public hotspots, convinced both German IT-service providers such as TeraGate, Airnyx or Rockenstein, as well as international WLAN-providers such as Telenet of Belgium. Additionally, the Siemens spin-off-company further strengthened its close partnership with the two leading German technology groups: Deutsche Telekom and Siemens. “Our strong partners have already put us in a position to market our software worldwide,” says Hans Christensen, CEO of Garderos. “This gives us an enormous advantage over competitors, who have to build up their businesses country by country.” In 2003, Garderos also spent a large part of its fundig for software development, in order to be able to hold and increase its technological lead in the promising WLAN-market.

Garderos´ growth was further promoted by the closing of its second round of funding in July 2003. Together with SAP Ventures, lead investor Wellington Partners invested EUR 2.2 million in Garderos, and thus enabled the company to continue its rapid international expansion as well as the development and marketing of new products. “In 2003, we appeared as a player in the WLAN-market that had to be reckoned with”, states CEO Christensen. “In 2004, we will be able to demonstrate the full potential of our software, and with it the potential of our company.”


Garderos verdreifachte 2003 seinen Umsatz

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