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PENTAX Europe GmbH

PENTAX - for your precious moments

PENTAX as one of the leading companies in the field of flexible endoscopy offers an extraordinary wide product range. To name only several of the unique developments: High-resolution video endoscopes and video processors, electronic ultrasound endoscopes, fibre optical endoscopes and light sources, etc. This wide range of specialist flexible endoscopes and accessories has specifically been designed to meet the demands of today´s clinician for both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

The development and expansion of new products is a continuous process. From the advanced fibre optic W range and 40 / 80 series video endoscopes that have the most progressive hygiene system, enabling all channels to be brushed, to the full screen image K Video range of upper and lower GI equipment. In the speciality areas, a vast range of video and fibre optics endoscopes are available for bronchoscopy, urology, ENT and other areas.

At PENTAX we believe in making it simple for you to work with us in partnership for the future. Our products are at the leading edge of today´s technological developments, without losing sight of our customers` needs to maintain current equipment.

PENTAX can offer you cost effective solutions with a wide range of products for your entire flexible fibre optic and video endoscopy requirements.


 PENTAX Europe GmbH | Julius-Vosseler-Straße 104 | 22527 Hamburg | Germany
 Phone: +49 40-561920 | Fax: +49 40-566475 |


PENTAX Europe GmbH

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