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CIWOS CSEngineering AG

The Master formula, weighing and quality assurance system CIWOS is a reliable, standardized, adaptable computer based solution. CIWOS supports the logistics within your company throughout all phases of production.

A short summary about CIWOS

CIWOS is a popular Masterformula weighing and quality assurance system widely used in chemical and cosmetic industries. It offers control and documentation of the entire manufacturing process based on GMP/FDA conventions from the warehouse entry to the finished product. According to formula and manufacturing requirements in a validated and efficient client-server environment with complete integration to given ERP-systems CIWOS contains following features:
  • Material flow management
  • Backtracking of orders including on-line long time archiving
  • On-line weighing and metering control
  • Electronic Batch Recording (EBRS) with dosage and PLC control
  • Operator guidance and process control

CIWOS is a system build for high return on investment and the potential to reduce costs.

 CS Engineering AG | Vadianstrasse 45 | Postfach | CH-9001 St. Gallen | Switzerland | Tel.: +41 71 228 48 48
 CS Logistix GmbH | Hubertus 1a | D-06366 Köthen | Germany | Tel.: +49 349 641 270
 CS Engineering GmbH | Friedingerstr. 2 | D-78224 Singen | Germany | Tel.: +49 171 993 7161


CIWOS CSEngineering AG

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