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Company Profile

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvD) is Europe’s leading electronic publisher of company information. It specialises in adding value to data to create easy to use, flexible, state-of-the-art solutions that allow users to manipulate information for research, financial analysis and marketing intelligence.

BvD is best known for its international corporate information product range, which includes detailed financials, and also acts in a partnership role, developing innovative products for other organisations.

Established in 1990 BvD has now 230 employees working in a total of 15 offices in Brussels, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Bratislava, Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Manchester. BvD has always been profitable and is owned by its senior management.


BvD is renowned for its sophisticated software for searching and analysis. All software used by BvD is proprietary and has been created by a team of over 60 developers working to specifications defined by a team of 10 analysts. All analysts are economists with a comprehensive knowledge of data content and user-requirements.

Information providers

BvD does not produce information itself (with the exception of supplementing and collating ownership information and the collection of M&A data). It works with specialised information providers (IPs) who are leaders in their particular fields. In the product development stage BvD examines the IP’s requirements, taking them into account whilst also playing an active analytical role and suggesting enhanced methods of manipulation and analysis.

BvD has agreements with over 50 well-known IPs worldwide. These include companies such as Creditreform, Fitch Ratings, World’Vest Best, TFIS, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Jordans, Coface Scrl, Informa, Novcredit, Elsevier, Factiva, Reuters, Teikoku, S&P, Moody’s and D&B . Many products combine data from multiple sources and include news and ratings plus other information in addition to financials.


Half of the customers of BvD’s corporate information products are in financial institutions such as commercial and investment banks, venture capital, corporate finance, stockbrokers and central banks. BvD’s products are used by over 90% of the top 2,000 banks worldwide. BvD estimates that it has approximately 20,000 frequent users of its financial and marketing products, and 100,000 occasional users.

Another 40% of BvD’s customers are active in the sales and marketing field and use BvD products for lead tracking and CRM. Other sectors are: consultancy, accountancy, academia, insurance companies, corporates, public sector. Applications are: research and analysis, credit analysis, identification and tracking of companies, business and strategic development including direct marketing

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