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BMW Group

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The BMW Group was founded in Munich in 1916 as "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG" (Bavarian Aircraft Works). In 1917, this became "Bayerische Motoren Werke G.m.b.H.", which was made into a public company ("AG") in 1918.
The company concentrated initially on the development and production of aero-engines and, from 1923, of motorcycles. BMW traces its existence as a successful automobile manufacturer back to 1928, when it acquired the Eisenach vehicle factory.

Key corporate figures

Today, with sales of almost 42.3 billion euro, annual sales of over one million automobiles (thereof 144,000 MINIs) and over 100,000 BMW motorcycles and with more than 100,000 associates, the BMW Group is one of the world’s ten largest automobile manufacturers (Position on 31.12.2002).


The BMW Group covers the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. The BMW Group is the only automobile company worldwide to operate with all its brands exclusively in the premium segments of the automobile market, from the small car to the absolute top segment. The BMW Group’s vehicles provide outstanding product substance in terms of aesthetic design, dynamic performance, cutting-edge technology and quality, underlining the company’s leadership in technology and innovation.

Production and assembly plants

As an international corporation, the BMW Group currently has 23 production and assembly plants in 14 countries:

The production network covers six plants for BMW automobiles in Germany, the USA and South Africa and one plant for BMW motorcycles in Germany. In Great Britain, the BMW Group possess a location for MINI vehicles in Oxford and a new head office and manufacturing plant for Rolls-Royce automobiles in Goodwood.

Furthermore the BMW Group operates four production sites for components and three engine plants in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. A fourth engine plant, TRITEC Motors Ltda., is operated as a joint venture with DaimlerChrysler in Brazil.

In addition, the BMW Group is constructing a new BMW plant in Leipzig/Halle, Germany, which will be starting production in 2005.

In terms of assembly, the company has eight CKD plants for BMW automobiles in Mexico, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia and Vietnam. These are mainly operated in cooperation with external partners.

Development network

The BMW Group employs a total of around 7,800 people in its Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich and in further R&D centres in Japan and the United States.

Socio-political responsibility

The BMW Group faces up to its general social responsibilities as an automobile manufacturer and employer. At all its locations throughout the world, the company takes responsibility for dealing with the environment, politics and society, and for safeguarding the interests of its customers, associates and shareholders.

All production plants worldwide, for example, are environmentally certified in accordance to DIN ISO 14001 or, where appropriate, with EMAS.

It is therefore also no coincidence that the BMW Group is regularly amongst the top companies in the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, which represents the world’s leading ten percent of companies who focus on sustainability.

Alternative drives

The BMW Group is also pioneering and heading the development of alternative drive concepts. With the world’s first fleet of vehicles with hydrogen-powered combustion engines, consisting of 15 BMW 750hL, the company proved the feasibility of this concept worldwide. As part of its CleanEnergy Project, the BMW Group is committed to the concept of the hydrogen society and to the creation of the framework conditions required for it.


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