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CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik gGmbH

CiS Institute for Microsensors is a non-profit, industry-oriented research facility located in the free State of Thuringia. Since its foundation in 1993, CiS Institute has evolved into a nationally and internationally recognized collaboration partner for industrial enterprises and other research facilities.

The institute is located in the industrial park „Erfurt South-East“, home to high-tech producers of microelectronics, microsystem technology and microsensors, solar technology as well as other research establishments.

In 2002 the institute moved into the brandnew „Application Centre for Microsystem Technology (AZM)“ built at the park. This centre houses state-of-the art clean room facilities, laboratories as well as office space.

Areas of activity

The institute is dedicated to research and development in the areas of microsystem technology, microsensors and actuators. A provider of market-oriented research and development services, CiS conducts fundamental research as well as application-oriented industrial research and development from feasibility study to prototyping to small-batch production, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Our areas of activity include:

  • Microsystem technology
  • Microsensor components and systems
  • Sensor design
  • Wafer processing
  • Assembly and packaging technology
  • Test and measuring technology
  • Calibration technology
  • Solid state analysis
  • Technology transfer

Services offered

  • Industry-oriented research and development of microsensor components and systems within network projects and by order
  • Customer-specific development of sensor modules from system design to prototyping
  • Research and development services in the areas of sensor design, wafer processing, assembly and packaging, test and measurement, calibration, solid state analysis, technology transfer and consulting
  • Production of silicon wafers and mounting

Applications / production lines

  • Silicon-based microsensors for the detection of optical, geometrical, mechanical, physical, biological and climate-related values developed on the basis of optical, capacitive, impedimetrical and piezo-resistive working principles.
  • Typical areas of application include precision mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, medical and climate technology as well as biotechnology and high energy physics.
  • Reference products based on CiS sensors: high-precision distance and position sensors, pressure transmitters, moisture and dewpoint measuring devices, and radiation detectors.

Special facilities and equipment

  • Wafer processing (clean room class 100)
  • Assembly and packaging (clean room class 10 000)
  • State-of-the-art measuring equipment


Over 60 employees, most of them with college degrees and years of professional experience, are working together with industrial partners to solve challenging research and development tasks.


Economic and technical visions, political willpower, the commitment of the founding pioneers, and – last but not least – the need to privatize were the basis for the establishment of the CiS Institute for Microsensors at the beginning of the 1990s.

1992 Foundation of the association „Centre for Intelligent Sensors e.V. (CiS e.V.)
1993 The institute starts operations under the management of Prof. Dr. D. Hofmann, CiS e.V.
1993/94 Relocation to the offices, clean rooms and laboratories at the industrial park Erfurt South-East (ESO 2)
1994 Establishment of the spin-off company CiS Mikrosensorik GmbH
1995 Foundation of the scientific council
1996 Implementation of a quality management system and first certification according to DIN ISO 9001 with regular re-certifications in the years to follow
1998 The institute launches the training of microtechnologists
1998 Dr.-Ing. H.-J. Freitag takes over the management of the institute
1998 Integration of IFAP Institut für Festkörperanalytik und Partikelmessung GmbH (institute for solid state analysis and particle measurement)
1999 Establishment of CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik gGmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CiS e.V.
2000 Takeover of the operations of the Transfer Centre Microelectronics e.V.
2002 Relocation to the „application centre for microsystem technology (AZM)“
2003 CiS marks its 10th anniversary


The institute is located at „Erfurt South-East“, one of the newest industrial parks in Erfurt housing high-tech producers of (micro)electronics, microsystem technology and microsensors, solar technology and other research facilities.

The existence of an excellent infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce and a sound environment made „Erfurt South-East“ the ideal location to build a centre of the electronics industry. With its pool of talent and equipment the park offers a remarkable potential for innovation in the scientific-technical area. Together with Ilmenau and Jena, Erfurt forms the technological triangle.

Located in the South-Eastern part of Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, the park is easily accessible from highways A4, A71, and A9 via the Hermsdorfer Kreuz. The Erfurt airport offers connections to international flights.

As a result of spin-off companies and new businesses moving in, a high-tech location has evolved that is home to major representatives of the electronics industry. The variety of companies and facilities offers an attractive mix of scientific-technical services and electronic manufacturing.

The provincial government of the free State of Thuringia supported the development of this industrial location extensively, e.g. by funding the construction of the „Application Centre for Microsystem Technology (AZM)“. CiS moved to this centre as the main tenant in 2002 providing an excellent environment for the institute to grow and face the challenges of the 21st century. With a gross area of approx. 7,000 m2 and approx. 4,000 m2 floor space occupied by various tenants, the Application Centre provides the costly state-of-the-art equipment and facilities typically needed in microsystem technology.

"Owner of the building is the Stiftung für Technologie, Innovation und Forschung Thüringen (STIFT) (Foundation for technology, innovation and research Thuringia).
This Application Centre enables the expansion of the continuous value added chain from research and development to the production of microsystems.

Application Centre for Microsystem Technology (AZM) in Erfurt
View into the clean room of CiS
View into the clean room of CiS
Mikrooptical Remissionssensor MORES

CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik gGmbH
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99099 Erfurt

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CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik gGmbH

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