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Fraunhofer-Institut Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie

Together with its industrial partners, the Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) is responsible for developing new equipment and processes in semiconductor manufacturing, as well as to provide simulation tools to characterize the process steps involved in modern microelectronics manufacturing. As a center of competence for power electronics, the IISB develops power electronic devices and systems - from discrete diodes up to complex prototypes for switch-mode power supplies, drives etc.

In the field of Technology Simulation, powerful simulation programs are developed to optimize individual processes and process sequences.

Work in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Methods provides support to companies in the development and improvement of relevant equipment, materials and processes - through the integration of in-situ measurement technology, and through measures to minimize contamination.

New engineering processes and manufacturing methods for VLSI and ULSI technology, and for modern power components, are developed by the Technology section, whereby ultra-high resolution measurement and analysis methods make it possible to identify smallest concentrations of impurities in gases, chemicals and on silicon wafers, as well as their effect on the electrical characteristics of components.

In spring 2000, the institute has been extended by the new field Power Electronic Systems, which is an ideal completion to the existing activities in the field of power electronic device technology. Here, leading edge power electronic systems and demonstrators are developed in close cooperation with industrial partners.

The department of Crystal Growth develops and optimizes equipment and processes together with its industrial partners for the growth of crystals to be used in microelectronics and microlithography. Further main R&D activities are the development, application and licensing of simulation programs for modeling of high temperature equipment and processes as well as the development and use of measuring techniques for determining the mass and heat transport in crystal growth processes.

The Institute employs a full-time staff of 80 men and women. Contracted research is carried out in 5,000 m² of offices, clean rooms and laboratories.

The IISB was established in 1985 on the joint initiative of the Bavarian State and various industrial sponsors. The director of the institute, Prof. Heiner Ryssel, is, at the same time, holder of the Chair of Electron Devices of the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg.


Fraunhofer-Institut Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie

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