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Sopheon GmbH

About Sopheon

Sopheon is an international provider of software tools, experts and content that help organizations improve the business impact of innovation and product development. Sopheon serves nearly half of the technology-driven companies on the Fortune 500, enabling higher, faster return on product development investments and intellectual property through technology and human-based decision support. Our products and services include the Accolade® product development system, which helps to aligne portfolio with strategy, to identify new product winners early in the cycle, to increase team efficiency, to ensure adherence to best practice and to integrate best practice expertise.

A highly skilled team of search specialists with extensive experience in comprehensive patent and literature search delivers relevant information about technologies, markets and competitors for each stage of the development process. The Virtual Library portal solution VLplus All-in-One makes it easy to order all required literature directly from the desk.

Margit Stüber
Industriepark Höchst F821
65925 Frankfurt
Tel. +49 (0)69/305-6068
Fax +49 (0)69/305-83523

Seminar: Managing the Product Portfolio: Doing the Right Projects


Sopheon GmbH

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