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Advanced optical components: precision molded lenses, FACs, beam-shaping optics, micro-optics
Optical systems: imaging optics, laser optics, illumination systems, collimators, objectives, lens systems


FISBA - Committed partner and specialist for Optical Solutions 

FISBA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of components, systems and Microsystems. Our highly qualified lens designers and engineers are always on the lookout for the perfectly tailored solutions of specific customer needs. Our core competencies are the design, development and manufacturing of:


Advanced Optical Components (AOC) 

Precision molded lenses 

Fast axis collimation lenses (FACs) 

FISBA Beam Twister™


Slow axis collimation lenses (SACs) 

Lens arrays 


Optical Microsystems (OMS) 


Pico projectors 

Micro cameras


Optical Systems 

Lens systems 

Laser modules 



New technologies for advanced glass optics

FISBA employs precision glass molding for the production of glass optics with free forms in larger lots, opening up totally new possibilities in the customer’s system development and assembly optimization. Geometric forms made of glass, which were considered „impossible“ so far, can now be realized.

Tailormade solutions that work

FISBA’s optical systems offer extraordinary solutions for standard tasks as well as for completely new challenges. For example system components can be integrated even in the range of a few thousandths of a millimeter – mostly under clean room conditons. Semi-automatic assembly processes guarantee the smallest tolerances of less than 0.001 mm. 


Rorschacherstrasse 268
9016 St. Gallen
Tel: +41 71 282 3131
Fax: +41 71 282 3130

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