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Lenzing AG

The Lenzing Group – World Leader in Cellulose Fiber Technology

In little more than 60 years Lenzing AG has developed from being an Austrian fiber manufacturer into a company with international activities that is present on the most important world markets. Lenzing is the only manufacturer worldwide that accommodates under one roof all three generations of man-made cellulose fibers - from classical Viscose fibers to Modal and Lyocell fibers.

Lenzing fibers are used both in the textile industry (for garments, home textiles, technical textiles) and the nonwovens industry (hygiene items, medical textiles).

In addition to fibers – the core business – the Lenzing Group also works in the engineering and systems-construction sector, as well as in plastics and paper manufacturing.

The Group’s headquarters are located at Lenzing in the Salzkammergut, Austria’s lake region. The world’s largest integrated pulp and viscose fiber manufacturing site is located here. In addition to one further manufacturing site at Heiligenkreuz near the Austro-Hungarian border, the Lenzing Group has other manufacturing locations in the United Kingdom, the USA and Indonesia. Offices in the most important metropolitan and textile centers such as New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Sao Paolo and Jakarta allow for a close cooperation with customers that is adapted to the regional needs of the specific markets. By acquiring the Tencel group of companies in May 2004, Lenzing AG succeeded in further expanding its position as “World Leader in Cellulose Fiber Technology”.

The company manufactures more than 300,000 tons of fibers every year. The Group’s center of competence for research and development provides the necessary innovative force. This supports the Lenzing Group in setting standards in the field of man-made cellulose fibers.

Sustainability in the Lenzing Group

To the Lenzing Group, the principle of sustainability stands for securing high-quality production in an ecologically intact environment. Only a company that scores economic success is in a position to invest, as well as to ensure its long-term performance potential by continuing its economic, social and ecological development.

Wood – A Natural Raw Material

Wood, the renewable raw material, is the primary material for all fibers of the Lenzing Group. At the Lenzing site, pulp is produced from beech. Lenzing AG processes about 95% of the local beech wood which is obtained when cutting trees in the course of thinning forests. For reasons of quality, this “industrial timber” cannot be used for more sophisticated uses, such as by the furniture industry. Lenzing – being a major customer – supports the forestry sector. Beech processing is therefore an essential contribution to forestry management, since it preserves the ecologically valuable stock of mixed woodlands.

In addition to the ecological benefits of an integrated pulp production at Lenzing, this type of manufacturing offers major business-management advantages.

As compared to non-integrated sites, Lenzing is in a position to avoid costs, for example by shorter transport distances, as well as energy-intensive drying and packaging operations for the pulp. Moreover, the heat generated in the process, as well as the combustion energy obtained from the residual substances from the integrated manufacturing process can be used to save resources, since they are recycled into the manufacturing process. Downstream products such as acetic acid, furfural and sodium sulfate, which are produced at the same time, are an additional contribution that enhances the added value.

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