Motorless pumps and self-regulating valves made from ultrathin film

As the researchers can shape the films to fit into almost any casing, the films can be used in a broad range of practical applications.

Autonomous 3D scanner supports individual manufacturing processes

Part of the charm of vintage cars is that they stopped making them long ago, so it is special when you do see one out on the roads. If something breaks or…

Measurement of components in 3D under water

The maintenance of underwater technical systems is elaborate and expensive. Pipes, flanges and connections of conveying systems for oil and gas at sea, for…

Artificial hand able to respond sensitively thanks to muscles made from smart metal wires

HANNOVER MESSE 2015 – the world’s largest industrial fair – from April 13th to April 17th. The team, who will be exhibiting at the Saarland Research and…

Greater productivity in industry thanks to digitalization

Technologies and products for the industry from the comprehensive electrification, automation and digitalization portfolio
End-to-end automation for the…

Siemens and McAfee, a division of Intel Security, team up to provide security solutions and services for industrial customers

The Siemens Industry Sector and McAfee, a division of Intel Security, plan to extend their partnership to enhance the security offerings for industrial…

Siemens paves the way for the future of manufacturing with comprehensive integration

The Hannover Messe 2014 formed the ideal backdrop for Siemens to unveil its strategy for the next steps towards the future of manufacturing:

TU Wien develops quick tests for food and water

Allergens, toxins, harmful microorganisms or faecal contamination – there is a long list of substances which we would prefer not to have in our food or our…

New technology for powder-metallurgy moulding production

Various powdered components are mixed, pressed into the required form and heated in order to produce a solid metal object of premium strength and precision -…

Green solutions for industry – TU Wien presents new technologies in Hanover

At this year's incarnation of the world's largest industrial exhibition, Vienna University of Technology will be presenting several technical innovations: fast…

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