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The Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung organizes a major international conference in the field of physical chemistry in summer 2019, bringing together researchers from all over the world in Heidelberg.

The 9th Molecular Quantum Mechanics Conference (MQM 2019) is expected to attract around 400 scientists and students from all over the world, as well as industry representatives who would like to know more out about the state of the art in quantum chemistry.

Therefore, special attention is paid to new methodological developments which open up future perspectives for chemistry and the related fields of biochemistry, pharmacy and material sciences.

The “Molecular Quantum Mechanics” conference series has been held every three years in various countries since 2001 and traditionally honors the scientific achievements of leading scientists in the field, most of whom were born in the host country.

The MQM 2019 in Germany will be held in honor of Prof. Werner Kutzelnigg, Prof. Wilfried Meyer and Prof. Sigrid Peyerimhoff, and in memory of Prof. Reinhart Ahlrichs.

All of these four outstanding scientists have made seminal contributions to the field of electronic structure theory, in particular to the understanding of electron correlation phenomena and in the development of new and powerful approximation methods in this area.

The conference focusses on theoretical chemistry, mainly wave function theory, and consists of around 60 lectures by internationally renowned researchers, two poster exhibitions, and four historical presentations.

Abstract submission and registration is open now until March 31st.

9th Molecular Quantum Mechanics Conference (MQM 2019)
30.6.- 5.7.2019
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg

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