MD&M West in Anaheim shows innovations from medical technology live on site

IVAM members at MD&M West in Anaheim
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MD&M West in Anaheim, California invites the U.S. trade audience to discover innovations and technologies in medical development and manufacturing from August 10-12, 2021.

Visitor groups from development departments as well as the management level of the manufacturing industry are addressed. In recent years, the show had firmly established itself as an international medical technology marketplace for medical technology suppliers, including many component manufacturers from Europe and Asia. This year, high-tech companies with local representatives and partners are using the IVAM area as an opportunity to increase their presence in the U.S. medical technology market.

Complex, customized (opto)-electronic applications

AEMtec GmbH provides next level technologies for complex, custom (opto)-electronic applications for medical applications. The company has a broad portfolio of high-end chip-level technologies, including wafer back-end services, chip on board, flip chip, 3-D Integration and opto-packaging for medical devices. The company´s range of services also includes an extensive suite of development services as well as the production of test equipment and series production capabilities. AEMtec provides a complete service portfolio to ensure ideal conditions. Individual requirements can be serviced and implemented in the shortest periods. Customers appreciate rapid time-to-market of their product and can therefore secure a competitive advantage. Customers also gain from the various assembly technologies offered from a single source.

Active implants as brain-machine interface

CorTec GmbH offers cutting-edge technology for the next generation of active implants. The Brain Interchange technology is a closed-loop system and works as a direct interface between the brain and technology . The completely implantable system can be customized according to particular research interests.

The company is creating individualized components of highest quality that are characterized by the same set of features: high precision, high flexibility in design, high number of channels. “AirRay”, a silicone electrode offers high-data acquisition and stimulation in the central and peripheral nervous system. Thanks to a special patented laser structuring process the electrode has a high density of contacts, is thin and soft and can easily be produced in individual designs.The hermetic encapsulation is suited to house a wide range of electronic implants. It is designed to enable wireless communication for long-term applications.

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