Mindjet converts record numbers to the power of visual productivity

Mindjet Corporation, the global leader of productivity software for visualising and managing information, today announced growing momentum as the must-have application for visual business productivity. The company has now sold approximately 850,000 software licenses, including more than 200,000 in 2006 alone, as individual users and managers discover the easily learned power of Mindjet to fuel creative thinking, improve comprehension and buy-in, and drive better business results.

Mindjet fills a major void in today’s office productivity suites and process management applications by providing an easy-to-use application for visually managing ideas, information and processes. The company’s flagship MindManager is winning over devoted champions in virtually every area and function within the enterprise because of its unique ability to improve the quality and productivity of project planning and management, team collaboration and communications, business meetings and presentations, customer and sales interactions, brainstorming and content development.

As evidence of its increased popularity, Mindjet signed a series of large licensing agreements with marquee customers, experienced continued rapid growth in web-based sales to individual users, and continued to win recognition and awards for its products around the world. MindManager is now used by at least 85 percent of the Fortune 100 to improve business productivity, performance and results with thousands of users at companies such as SAP, HP, Microsoft, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Unisys and UBS.

Significant time savings at Netviewer, Greater Project Success at TNT
Netviewer, a leading provider of Web-Conferencing, Desktop-Sharing und Remote Control software uses MindManager companywide in a variety of disciplines including the preparation of daily meetings, work out of concepts, documentation, project and account planning and for personal organisation.

“At Netviewer, MindManager is the most important tool for planning, structuring and documentation of information. The content, relationships and information are transparent and can be filtered due to easy visualisation and structuring. Every employee saves a lot of precious time and I personally gain 3-5 hours per week. MindManager is a must-have at Netviewer,” commented Dr. Andreas Schweinbenz, founder and CEO.

TNT, the Netherlands-based mail and express delivery company with more than $10 billion in annual revenues, uses MindManager to generate and visualise ideas, reach consensus and make decisions.

“I use MindManager as a project management tool for all my projects I’m running within TNT Express,” says Magnus Engdahl, CIT Manager for TNT’s International Business Unit. “It helps me keep track of our project road maps going forward, while enabling us to quickly develop new ideas for new products and services. MindManager helps me map out the business rules and benefits of each project so we that have a clear understanding of them from the start.”

New Management Team Drives Focus and Growth

In 2006, Mindjet brought in a new management team, led by CEO Scott Raskin, to take the company and its products to the next level of awareness, adoption, and relevance. Raskin is the former COO of Telelogic, a global leader in software applications for decision making, business process management, enterprise architecture, and requirements management. Raskin’s team is now sharply focused on expanding its product line, increasing its channel relationships, and extending its presence within Global 2000 companies to solve specific, mission-critical business problems related to project delivery, corporate strategy, sales effectiveness, and product development. Adoption is rapidly increasing as word spreads about the significant tangible business improvements to be gained by using MindManager in these functional areas.

“As people become inundated with more and more data, they need ways to add context, experience, and relevance to this data to be able to better organise their thoughts, communicate plans, collaborate on projects, and ultimately innovate,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “MindManager allows people to do this, and powers the creative thinking of knowledge workers in nearly all of the world’s largest and most successful companies. The word is getting out – users are flocking to the application as something they can’t live without.”

Mindjet’s interactive mapping software offers a transformative—but easily learned—way for organisations to change the way business professionals interact with information, ideas and each other to create innovation and change—the lifeblood of today’s knowledge-based, rapidly evolving economy. Mindjet “transforms chaos into clarity” by allowing individuals and teams to quickly map out and understand complex concepts, programs and plans using a highly visual and intuitive format.

Mindjet has gained significant progress over the last year in growing its channel partnerships and effectiveness. The company launched a new partnership program in 2006, and has a growing base of more than 350 reseller and VAR partners around the world. Mindjet’s notable new or expanded partner relationships include Douglas Stewart and IngramMicro. Mindjet expects to sign additional agreements in 2007 with partners within project management, sales CRM, and corporate strategy markets.


In 2006 Mindjet was listed CRN magazine’s “Top 100 Emerging Vendors,” climbed 50 places in the Software 500 and joined PC Magazine’s “100 Best Products of 2006” in the US, and became one of Europe’s top “500 Job-Creating Companies,”

“We’re excited about the growing recognition and adoption of MindManager,” said Raskin. “New Mindjet solutions around project management, sales effectiveness and business planning will help our customers accelerate critical work and decision processes, improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes. In the coming months, new Mindjet products and solutions will deliver significant new value to business professionals, teams and organisations worldwide. 2007 is going to be a very exciting year!”

About Mindjet

Mindjet Corporation is the leading provider of productivity software for visualising and managing information, allowing individuals and teams to more effectively think, plan, and collaborate. Used by the majority of Global 2000 companies, the Mindjet® MindManager® product line enables users to visually connect and synthesize ideas and information to improve decision making, shorten business planning processes, and harness the intellectual capital in their organisations. With headquarters in California and operations throughout the world, Mindjet is backed by leading international venture capital firms Investor Growth Capital, Inc. and 3i. More information is available by calling toll-free 1 (877) MINDJET or by visiting http://www.mindjet.com.

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