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High-throughput screening system for directed evolution experiments using novel compartments

Scientists at RWTH Aachen University developed a novel screening method substantially improving the finding of favored enzyme variants using the directed evolution technique. The method, an entirely cell-free system, uses innovative compartments, thus enabling the efficient detection of human and toxic proteins. 08.12.2016 | nachricht Read more

Semiconducting Nano-Wires of Tin Phosphide Iodide (SnIP)

The first inorganic compound with a double helix structure is a semiconductor with interesting mechanical properties. 08.12.2016 | nachricht Read more

Fast Optimization of Network Load

Method for fast optimization of network load. 08.12.2016 | nachricht Read more

Microarray to determine responsiveness of tumors to antiangiogenic treatment

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most frequently occurring cancer in both sexes. It ranks second in developed countries. Tumor growth beyond the critical two to three millimeter diameter and metastasis require angiogenesis. Therefore, in later tumor stages, antiangiogenic treatment offers a strategy that has been shown in clinic to improve outcomes in patients with advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Today, several antiangiogenic drugs for tumor therapeutic application have been approved, e.g. Bevacizumab (Avastin®), Cetuximab (Erbitux®) or Panitumumab (Vectibix®). Nevertheless, 20% of the patients do not respond and are resistant to antiangiogenic therapy. This invention provides a method which allows to further improve the efficacy of antiangiogenic therapy in colorectal cancer (CRC). This is achieved by detection and exclusion of patients, which are in a therapy resistant tumor stage. 06.12.2016 | nachricht Read more

Peltier Adsorption Trap

The present invention uses a Peltier cooling instead of the usual nitrogen cooling and therefore shows an improved separation device for impurities, especially gaseous impurities, and, com-pared to the state of art, an improved pump device. 29.11.2016 | nachricht Read more

Innovative method for producing analytical suspension cell lines

Analytical cell-based assays used in diverse applications such as the risk assessment of chemicals and the investigation of stem cell propagation stages, currently employ adherent cell lines. This cell type comes with serious drawbacks. Most importantly, extensive measures are needed for propagation purposes. Intriguingly, scientists at RWTH Aachen University have invented a method of stably growing any analytical (reporter) cell line in suspension. This enables high cell density growth and bulk applications towards tissue engineering, as well as toxicity testing. Furthermore, the method profoundly enhances high-throughput screening efficiency. 24.11.2016 | nachricht Read more

Efficiency increase for ORC power plants

The investment for the condenser in ORC power plant is high. In order to reduce costs or to increase the overall efficiency an efficient condensation concept is desired or necessary. The invention can be realized with any commercial heat exchanger and is based on an optimized integration of the condenser. 22.11.2016 | nachricht Read more

Compressed Air Storage for Industrial Applications

Increase the flexibility of your compressed air system. The presented invention allows to shift the compressor load and to secure your compressed air supply. 22.11.2016 | nachricht Read more

Determining the presence of an analyte by means of small magnetic particles

The in the invention described technology allows the parallel detection of several analytes in a liquid test sample with the help of functionalized magnetic particles. In comparison to conventional optical read-out technologies this technology offers a high robustness, low material costs and the possibility of in-vivo measurements while obtaining an equivalent sensitivity. 17.11.2016 | nachricht Read more

Power Drive for Hybrid Vehicles

PD-HyVec has the task to integrate a small combustion engine efficiently into the drive train and to produce a real single wheel drive, at least for the front wheels. The PD-HyVec offers a cost-effective topology for the realization of a hybrid vehicle. Due to the continuous operation of the combustion engine in the optimum working point, PD-HyVec has a high efficiency. The concept allows the drive of only one axle, but also a real all-wheel drive, whereby all four wheels can be individually controlled. An implementation with more than two axes is also conceivable. A German patent application has been filed On behalf of the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences - we offer interested companies the opportunity to license and further develop the technology. 14.11.2016 | nachricht Read more
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Im Focus: Restoring vision by gene therapy

Latest scientific findings give hope for people with incurable retinal degeneration

Humans rely dominantly on their eyesight. Losing vision means not being able to read, recognize faces or find objects. Macular degeneration is one of the major...

Im Focus: Small Protein, Big Impact

In meningococci, the RNA-binding protein ProQ plays a major role. Together with RNA molecules, it regulates processes that are important for pathogenic properties of the bacteria.

Meningococci are bacteria that can cause life-threatening meningitis and sepsis. These pathogens use a small protein with a large impact: The RNA-binding...

Im Focus: K-State study reveals asymmetry in spin directions of galaxies

Research also suggests the early universe could have been spinning

An analysis of more than 200,000 spiral galaxies has revealed unexpected links between spin directions of galaxies, and the structure formed by these links...

Im Focus: New measurement exacerbates old problem

Two prominent X-ray emission lines of highly charged iron have puzzled astrophysicists for decades: their measured and calculated brightness ratios always disagree. This hinders good determinations of plasma temperatures and densities. New, careful high-precision measurements, together with top-level calculations now exclude all hitherto proposed explanations for this discrepancy, and thus deepen the problem.

Hot astrophysical plasmas fill the intergalactic space, and brightly shine in stellar coronae, active galactic nuclei, and supernova remnants. They contain...

Im Focus: Biotechnology: Triggered by light, a novel way to switch on an enzyme

In living cells, enzymes drive biochemical metabolic processes enabling reactions to take place efficiently. It is this very ability which allows them to be used as catalysts in biotechnology, for example to create chemical products such as pharmaceutics. Researchers now identified an enzyme that, when illuminated with blue light, becomes catalytically active and initiates a reaction that was previously unknown in enzymatics. The study was published in "Nature Communications".

Enzymes: they are the central drivers for biochemical metabolic processes in every living cell, enabling reactions to take place efficiently. It is this very...

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