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Cooled Cylindrical Unit for Rheometer and Method to Identify Rheological Properties

The invention consists of a cooled cylinder unit for a rheometer and a method to identify rheological properties. By use of the invention the cooling time in convective cooled rheometers can be reduced. This can be necessary to reduce or prevent thermal degradation of thermal sensitive polymers (i.e. biobased or bio- degradable polymers). 05.05.2015 | nachricht Read more

Feststoff Polymerelektrolyt-Membran - Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Polymer-basierten ionenleitenden Feststoffelektrolytmembran für Lithium-Batterie

Bei der vorliegenden Erfindung handelt es sich um ein Verfahren zur Herstellung dünner Polymer-Elektrolyte, die zudem mechanisch stabil und gleichzeitig auch flexibel sind. Diese zeichnen sich durch gute ionische Transporteigenschaften aus, d.h. die Leitfähigkeit bei Raumtemperatur beträgt 1 mS/cm. Die Membranen können aufgrund ihrer mechanischen Eigenschaften in Lithium-basierten Energiespeichen gleichzeitig als Elektrolyt und Separator eingesetzt werden. Das Verfahren ermöglicht die Verarbeitung von Polyacrylnitril basierten Membranen zusammen mit dem Lithiumleitsalz und ermöglicht eine gleichmäßige Materialstärke. 05.05.2015 | nachricht Read more

Remedy for Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS)

Injury results in release of cytoplasmic ATP, which is sensed by monocytes/macrophages via ATP receptor P2X7. This swiftly induces inflammasome activation, caspase-1-dependent cleavage and release of interleukin-1ß (IL-1ß), IL-18 and HMGB1. Excessive systemic IL-1ß release is the first stage of a reaction chain causing SIRS and high patient mortality. IL-1ß is involved in host defense against infections. Pathogen-induced inflammasome activation, however, typically involve ATP-independent pathways. Hence, a-1-antitrypsin, SLPI, CRP, and DPPC inhibit injury induced inflammation but do not inhibit clearance of pathogens. Scope of application: SIRS, Major surgery, Trauma, Extracorporeal circulation (e.g. cardiopulmonary bypass, ECMO), Chronic inflammation, Lung injury SIRS-related multi organ dysfunction (MODS) and acute lung injury (ALI) are among the leading causes of death worldwide. The proposed remedies have the potential to become affordable life-saving medicaments for numerous indications. 30.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Novel small molecule inhibitors of Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK)

Focal adhesions are cell junctions that act as mechanical linkages between the intracellular actin cytoskeleton of a live cell and the extracellular matrix (ECM). They have a wide functional scope. In this context Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) plays a pivotal role. FAK is often overexpressed in tumor cells and is partly responsible for the high tissue invasiveness of the infected cells. Now "small molecules" have been developed at the University of Konstanz, Germany, that interfere with the localization and thus with FAK functioning. Therefore, these molecules can be deployed in cancer treatment as well as in the prevention and treatment of restenosis via drug-eluting stents. The novel FAK inhibitors are highly effective, cell-penetrating, easy to sterilize and can be produced through chemically defined synthesis. 29.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Energie-effiziente und dezentrale biologische Abwasserreinigung

Nowadays, biological wastewater treatment can efficiently remove carbon sources. The challenge however lies in the purification and elimination of nitrogen sources within a compact plant design. HAWK-Scientists developed an on-side and energy-efficient biological purification system for a decentralized wastewater treatment. 28.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Innovative coating for implants for improved ingrowth into the bone

Scientists at the Universities of Stuttgart and Constance have developed a technology which should significantly improve ingrowth of implants into the surrounding tissue and at the same time ensure long-term stability. A new type of implant coating created of a non-water-soluble, functionalized extracellular matrix (FECM) is achieved by means of metabolic oligosaccharide engineering. The coating improves the cell-material interaction at the interface between tissue and biomaterials (e. g. titanium). Since the patient's own cells can be used to produce the FECM, no immunogenicity of the implant coating is to be feared. 27.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

DBS-STB - Novel storage and shipping container for DBS-Cards

The present invention provides a novel container which allows the secure and stable storage of DBS-cards. The device comprises an air-tight box which can be used to store DBS-cards under vacuum or an inert gas such as nitrogen. Additionally, a drying agent in the container prevents accumulation of humidity, thereby ensuring the safe storage of samples at room temperature or in the freezer. The storage of DBS-cards without oxygen and humidity enables to prevent any form of sample deterioration over a longer time period. Furthermore, the container is equipped with a proof of originality. The container can only be opened by breaking the proof of originality, thereby making any tampering attempt visible immediately. Thus, this novel container enables the reliable analysis of DBS-cards. 22.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

EMULSION BUSTER 2.0 - Easy Emulsion Separation in Bioprocesses

A process for an efficient phase separation of emulsions resulting from biphasic whole cell-bio-transformations has been developed at the TU Dortmund. The phase separation of unavoidable emulsions typically present due the presence of microorganisms and bio-surfactants, which has previously been seen as problematic, has been greatly simplified to permit further processing of the reaction mixture. In contrast to other approaches such as the use of de-emulsifiers or centrifuges a phase separation can be achieved with a minimal effort in both energy and equipment. Using a physical effect the new methods enables a high potential for an industrial application due to its scalability, low costs and easy process control. 22.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Compound for the treatment of pemphigus vulgaris

The invention concerns a T-cell based immunotherapy using peptides which are derived from human membrane protein desmoglein. By applying a medical preparation including a peptide or a combination of peptides, a specific immunological tolerance is triggered. Therefore, the clinical signs of pemphigus vulgaris disease improve, because the base for disease is deprived. 21.04.2015 | nachricht Read more


An der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (HTW Saar) wurde nun ein System entwickelt, dass die Möglichkeiten erdgedeckter Flüssiggas-tanks optimal aus nutzt und so eine substanzielle Energie-und Kosteneinsparung generiert. Die entscheidende Innovation besteht darin, dass flüssiggas betriebene Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW) mit einer Wärmepumpe zu koppeln, wobei der Gastank außer zur Speicherung des Flüssiggases gleichzeitig als Erdwärmekollektor und Verdampfer für die Wärmepumpe genutzt wird. Dies ist nur bei einem erdgedeckten Tank sinnvoll möglich. Das Flüssiggas dient im laufenden Betrieb gleichzeitig als Kraftstoff und als Kältemittel. Die erfindungsgemäße Anlage trägt auf diese Weise dazu bei, Betriebskosten zu reduzieren und die Energieeffizienz des Systems zu steigern. Da die verwendeten Komponenten bis auf wenige Bauteile mit denen eines herkömmlichen flüssiggasbetriebenen BHKW übereinstimmen, kann auf einfache Weise und ohne die Anschaffung separater Wärmekollektoren ein deutliches Einsparpotenzial nutzbar gemacht werden. Modellrechnungen ergeben eine Reduktion des Kraftstoffverbrauchs von bis zu 40%. Die Optimierung des gesamten Systems im Hinblick auf die verschieden Betriebsparameter ist Gegenstand einer aktuellen Prototypenstudie. 15.04.2015 | nachricht Read more
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Im Focus: Spray drying the precision particle under the virtual magnifying glass

Spray drying is a common manufacturing process, used in the production of ceramic granulate for technical components or dental prostheses as well as dissolvable medicinal substances, food additives and in the processing of milk into powder. Using computer simulation methodology developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, a more comprehensible understanding can now be gained of the behavior of particles in solvent during the spray drying process. This allows powder and granulate manufacturers to specifically adjust the properties of their products while reducing waste.

Previously, it was unusual for granule and powder producers to use granulation simulations to improve their products. For new product development or process...

Im Focus: The random raman laser: A new light source for the microcosmos

Texas A&M University researchers demonstrate how a narrow-band strobe light source for speckle-free imaging has the potential to reveal microscopic forms of life

In modern microscope imaging techniques, lasers are used as light sources because they can deliver fast pulsed and extremely high-intensity radiation to a...

Im Focus: Pulsar with widest orbit ever detected

Discovered by high school research team

A team of highly determined high school students discovered a never-before-seen pulsar by painstakingly analyzing data from the National Science Foundation's...

Im Focus: Erosion, landslides and monsoon across the Himalaya

Scientists from Nepal, Switzerland and Germany was now able to show how erosion processes caused by the monsoon are mirrored in the sediment load of a river crossing the Himalaya.

In these days, it was again tragically demonstrated that the Himalayas are one of the most active geodynamic regions of the world. Landslides belong to the...

Im Focus: Through the galaxy by taxi - The Dream Chaser Space Utility Vehicle

A world-class prime systems integrator and electronic systems provider known for its rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is currently developing a new space transportation system called the Dream Chaser.

The ultimate aim is to construct a multi-mission-capable space utility vehicle, while accelerating the overall development process for this critical capability...

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