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EO-Silicon - Inducing the electrooptic effect in silicon

Because of the symmetrical crystal structure there is no electro-optical effect in silicon. That means that in silicon the refractive index is not dependent on the applied electric field strength. The manufacturing of electro-optical components in silicon technology was therefore not possible in a cost-effective way. A surprisingly simple and inexpensive method has now been found using chemical treatment of the silicon surface with bromine. Hereby silicon can be converted into an electro-optically active material. The induced electro-optical activity has a high thermal stability, which can even be increased by appropriate passivation layers. 21.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Product Explorer

Bei der Erfindung handelt es sich um ein graphisches System (Software mit technischem Hintergrund) zur schnellen Produktauswahl innerhalb aller Produkte eines Marktsegments. Diese Informationen liegen oft in tabellarischer Form oder in dedizierten Datenbanken vor und besitzen alle die gleichen Attribute aber in unterschiedlicher Ausprägung. Neben der Produktauswahl ermöglicht das System auch eine genaue Analyse des Marktsegments. Weitere Einsatzgebiete sind Visualisierungen beliebiger multidimensionaler Daten insbesondere von Simulationsergebnissen. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Energy efficient, adaptive cups for medical technology and pharmaceutical products

Die Erfindung betrifft einen monolithischen (aus einem Bauteil bestehenden), geschlossenen, nachgiebigen Sauggreifer, mit dem glatte Objekte gegriffen, hantiert und transportiert werden können. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Module for the generation of scheduled /time - defined chronological pressure gradients /histories

Die Erfindung dient zur Erzeugung von Druckpulsen, welche einen ventilgesteuerten Hoch- und Niederdruckbereich sowie einen Vordruckerzeugungsbereich umfassen. Ziel ist ein universelles und vielseitig einsetzbares Gerät, welches die Prüfnormen zuverlässig und reproduzierbar erfüllt. Dabei stehen Flexibilität, leichte Bedienung, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Zeit- und Kostenersparnis im Vordergrund. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

A regenerable molybdenum-containing oxidic ternary co-catalyst for efficient photocatalytic water splitting

A novel oxidic ternary co-catalyst containing molybdenum, which has been found to be highly active and stable in the overall photocatalytic splitting of water over gallium oxide. With this noble metal-free system a catalytic activity comparable to that of the well-established RhxCr2-xO3/Ga2O3 water splitting catalyst can be achieved. Furthermore, its activity can be easily regenerated resulting in a long service life. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Procedure and lighting /illuminating system for optical contrast enhancement

Das Ziel dieser Erfindung ist es, den Kontrast / Schärfe von erkennbaren Strukturen durch zeitlich und räumlich kontrolliertes Licht optisch zu verstärken. Dieser neuartige Ansatz soll die klassischen Methoden der Kontrastverstärkung ergänzen. Eine weitere Aufgabe der vorliegenden Erfindung besteht darin, eine einfache und kostengünstige Methode zu schaffen, statische High-Dynamic-Range (so genannte Bilder mit hohem Kontrastverhältnis) zu betrachten und dabei das Kontrastverhältnis, die wahrgenommene Tonauflösung und den Farbraum über die physikalischen Möglichkeiten der verwendeten Darstellungsmittel hinaus zu erhöhen. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Multifunctional construction textiles for non - destructive permanent moisture monitoring in timber and concrete structures

Der Erfindungsidee betrifft die Verwendung und die Herstellung von sensorischen Textilstrukturen, die gitterartig, strang-, bandförmig oder als Abstandsstrukturen ausgebildet sind. Selbige dienen gleichzeitig zur Armierung, Dämmung oder Dichtung sowie der Feuchtezustandsüberwachung von Holz- und Betonbauwerken. 20.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

H₂Oleum - Stable Water/Diesel Micro-emulsions > 95 % Reduction of Particulate Matter

H₂Oleum is an absolutely stable microemulsion and the first thermodynamically stable water/fuel emulsion ever – stable over an extremely wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. H₂Oleum is a bicontinuous microemulsion – i.e. both the oil and the water components form continuous domains within the liquid. H₂Oleum significantly saves surfactant and the water/fuel ratio can be freely varied. We offer and licenses and technical support for the commercialisation of H₂Oleum to innovative companies. Patent applications have been filed for H₂Oleum in Europe and North America. 15.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

Steroid-based compounds against Malaria

A series of novel low molecular weight compounds with high activity against Plasmodium falciparum have been developed, synthesized and tested. The compounds are based on a substituted steroidal pharmacophor and are as antiinfective agents in their structure completely new. The compounds are highly active against red blood cell stages of P. falciparum, also of chloroquine-resistant parasites. Present SAR data indicate that the hydrophobic steroid component and a hydroxyarylmethylamino group are essential for the antimalarial action of the compounds. The hydrophobic steroid part is likely to mediate membrane permeability. 15.01.2015 | nachricht Read more

OMIMO - Optical multiple input multiple output transmission

Common free space optical communication systems use intensity modulation, which has the drawback of a low spectral efficiency. However, OMIMO is an improved concept for free space optical (FSO) communication. To enhance efficiency a coherent transmission is used with incoherent light sources. At the transmitter a baseband signal is phase-shifted for precoding, spatial multiplexing or beam forming. After upconversion of the baseband signal to a bandpass signal a DC-offset is added. This signal drives a light source, e. g. an LED or a laser diode by direct modulation. The receiver works with a reverse scheme. For transmitting and receiving a plurality of light source and photo detector can be used in parallel, respectively, to establish an optical MIMO concept. 09.01.2015 | nachricht Read more
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Die letzten 5 Focus-News des innovations-reports im Überblick:

Im Focus: Pictured together for the first time: A chemokine and its receptor

Researchers capture 3-D structure of a molecular interaction that influences cancer, inflammation and HIV infection

Researchers at University of California, San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Bridge Institute at the University of Southern...

Im Focus: Intelligent Algorithm Finds Available Carsharing Vehicles

A new program will make it easier to combine different modes of transport. Siemens is developing a service for predicting the availability of carsharing vehicles at a given location at specific times.

The forecasting tool will be incorporated into the integrated SiMobility Connect mobility platform, which links carsharing firms, public transport companies,...

Im Focus: New conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens – presentation at nano tech 2015 in Japan

Mobile phones and smart phones still haven‘t been adapted to the carrying habits of their users. That much is clear to anyone who has tried sitting down with a mobile phone in their back pocket: the displays of the innumerable phones and pods are rigid and do not yield to the anatomical forms adopted by the people carrying them. By now it is no longer any secret that the big players in the industry are working on flexible displays. Properties that suitable coatings offer in this respect will be demonstrated by the developments of the INM – Leibniz-Institute for New Materials on show nano tech 2015, Tokio, Japan.

For the nanoparticle inks, the researchers are using what are known as TCOs, or transparent conducting oxides. “We use the TCOs to produce nanoparticles with...

Im Focus: New 'microcapsules' have potential to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis

A new 'microcapsule' treatment delivery method developed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) could reduce inflammation in cartilage affected by osteoarthritis and reverse damage to tissue. The research was funded by Arthritis Research UK and the AO Foundation.

A protein molecule called C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP), which occurs naturally in the body, is known to reduce inflammation and aid in the repair of...

Im Focus: Schizophrenia: genetic alterations linked to functional changes in nerve cells

A gene that influences the communication between nerve cells has a higher mutation rate in schizophrenia patients than in healthy individuals / Previously unknown gene mutations show a functional effect in nerve cells / Parallels between genetic alterations in patients with schizophrenia and autism / Scientists from Heidelberg publish in “Molecular Psychiatry”

Researchers from Heidelberg University Hospital have identified 10 previously unknown genetic alterations (mutations) in schizophrenia patients. The affected...

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