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Novel compounds targeting ATR-kinase for treating cancer

DNA lesions occur in all living organisms. As accumulating DNA damage poses a risk for cell survival, cells harbour sophisticated mechanisms for repairing such lesions. The kinase ATR (“ATM and Rad3 related”) is a key player in triggering the cellular response to double strand DNA breaks called “DNA Damage Response” (“DDR”) thereby enabling DNA repair and thus promoting cell survical. As cancer cells are often characterized by defects in various DNA repair processes and/or DNA damages, intact ATR-signalling (and subsequent DNA-repair processes) is particularly crucial for the viability of such cancer cells. In fact, blocking DDR, preferably by inhibiting ATR has become an attractive therapeutic concept. Correspondingly, at present, two ATR inhibitors (VX-970 and AZD5738; for ref. see “Relevant Publications”) have already entered clinical studies. However, both with the developmental risk associated with these compounds, the need for compounds displaying an improved safety-/efficacy-profile and the large number of patients, there is a huge interest in advanced ATR inhibitors. The present invention thus relates to advanced ATR antagonists which have proven to be effective in various in cellular assays (both on its own and in combination with cisplatin). Furthermore they show a promising ADME-profile as deducted from predictive ADME modelling and an improved solulibility in relation to the aforementioned compounds. 28.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Focus-tunable diffractive Optics - Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) with continuously adjustable optical Power

By cascading two DOEs are optical elements (lens, axicon, phase shifter, spiral phase plate) obtained, whose optical power can be adjusted continuously by just rotating one DOE with respect to the other. 28.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Click-SELEX - Novel method for idenfying functional oligonucleotides

Selective Enhancement of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment (SELEX) has proven to be a powerful tool for idenfying functional oligonucleotides which bind to selected targets. Here, in an iterative process, a pool of single stranded oligonucleotides is contacted with a target structure (e.g. a protein), high-affinity oligonucleotides are then isolated, amplified and again put into contact with the target until, eventually, an ideal oligonucleotide has been obtained. An International and a European patent application are pending. On behalf of University of Bonn, PROvendis offers licenses for commercial use as well a research collaboration with licensing option. 28.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Software module: Fully automatic mesh generation

A novel mesh generation method enables a fast, fully automatic generation of high-quality meshes even for complex geometrical structures. 27.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Instrument approach for the cleaning of implant surfaces

The invention presented here consists in the fact that via pow-der/air/water jet devices, induced through the special geometry of the instrument approach the cleaning powder/water jet is released in such a way that even the undercuts of the implant?s surface are cleaned effectively. 20.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Method for biotechnological production of aminolevulinic acid via 1-precursor methanol

The technology enables the fast and competitive production of specific ALA via biotechnological process technology. The production of aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is the first step in the biosynthesis of tetrapyrroles and porphyrines (like Chlorophyll, vitamin B12, heme). Recently ALA has attracted interest as a selective and biodegradable herbicide and insecticide. Besides ALA can be applied in the photodynamic therapy and treatment of various kinds of cancer. Administration of ALA in the tumorous tissue leads to a porphyrin formation inside the cells. Accumulated porphyrins generate reactive oxygene species when excited by light which can lead to death of the tumorous cell. On behalf of the University of Bielefeld, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development. 19.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

A strain and a method for high throughput of sugar for microbial conversion into organic synthesis products

By decoupling cell growth and productivity of biosynthesis the new method and associated Escherichia coli strain allow for an increase in productivity by a factor two to three. This could not only be interesting for pharma industry, e.g. by increasing the capacity of insulation production, but for biotechnological synthesis of succinic acid as well. The demand for succinic acid as a component of plastics such as polyamides or polyesters is estimated to amount to 250,000 tons per year. 19.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Method for joining hybrid material combinations

A new and cost saving method makes it possible to combine different components of any form. Manyfold material combinations such as carbon fiber composites and metals can be combined easily. With the material friendly technique high quality welding seams can be manufacured in a flexible manner without affecting the components global-thermally. 15.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Monoclonal antibodies against biotinylated AP-tag / Avi Tag

Scientists at the University Göttingen developed a monoclonal antibody against a biotinylable peptid (Epitope-Tag) called AP-tag or Avi Tag. This small peptide served as a substrate mimic for biotin ligase (BirA). Anti-AP antibodies are useful tools in the analysis of AP-tag fusion proteins. 15.09.2016 | nachricht Read more

Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Bestimmung von elastischen Materialeigenschaften von Oberflächen und Böden

Gerät zur Messung von mechanischen Eigenschaften von Böden und Oberflächen, dass ohne Führungselemente auskommt, keine Sensoren für Weg oder Geschwindigkeit benötigt und Energierückgewinnung, Federkonstante, Kraftreduktion und Resonanzfrequenz misst. 14.09.2016 | nachricht Read more
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Die letzten 5 Focus-News des innovations-reports im Überblick:

Im Focus: First-Ever 3D Printed Excavator Project Advances Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing R&D

Heavy construction machinery is the focus of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s latest advance in additive manufacturing research. With industry partners and university students, ORNL researchers are designing and producing the world’s first 3D printed excavator, a prototype that will leverage large-scale AM technologies and explore the feasibility of printing with metal alloys.

Increasing the size and speed of metal-based 3D printing techniques, using low-cost alloys like steel and aluminum, could create new industrial applications...

Im Focus: New welding process joins dissimilar sheets better

Friction stir welding is a still-young and thus often unfamiliar pressure welding process for joining flat components and semi-finished components made of light metals.
Scientists at the University of Stuttgart have now developed two new process variants that will considerably expand the areas of application for friction stir welding.
Technologie-Lizenz-Büro (TLB) GmbH supports the University of Stuttgart in patenting and marketing its innovations.

Friction stir welding is a still-young and thus often unfamiliar pressure welding process for joining flat components and semi-finished components made of...

Im Focus: First quantum photonic circuit with electrically driven light source

Optical quantum computers can revolutionize computer technology. A team of researchers led by scientists from Münster University and KIT now succeeded in putting a quantum optical experimental set-up onto a chip. In doing so, they have met one of the requirements for making it possible to use photonic circuits for optical quantum computers.

Optical quantum computers are what people are pinning their hopes on for tomorrow’s computer technology – whether for tap-proof data encryption, ultrafast...

Im Focus: OLED microdisplays in data glasses for improved human-machine interaction

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP has been developing various applications for OLED microdisplays based on organic semiconductors. By integrating the capabilities of an image sensor directly into the microdisplay, eye movements can be recorded by the smart glasses and utilized for guidance and control functions, as one example. The new design will be debuted at Augmented World Expo Europe (AWE) in Berlin at Booth B25, October 18th – 19th.

“Augmented-reality” and “wearables” have become terms we encounter almost daily. Both can make daily life a little simpler and provide valuable assistance for...

Im Focus: Artificial Intelligence Helps in the Discovery of New Materials

With the help of artificial intelligence, chemists from the University of Basel in Switzerland have computed the characteristics of about two million crystals made up of four chemical elements. The researchers were able to identify 90 previously unknown thermodynamically stable crystals that can be regarded as new materials. They report on their findings in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

Elpasolite is a glassy, transparent, shiny and soft mineral with a cubic crystal structure. First discovered in El Paso County (Colorado, USA), it can also be...

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