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Flexible plasma electrode design for effective treatment of irregular surfaces

Surface activation or cleaning by cold plasma treatment is getting more and more attention. Current plasma based solutions have mostly fixed electrodes, which are only suited for planar surfaces. Scientists at the HAWK developed a plasma device with flexible electrodes, which allow treatment of irregular surfaces. 25.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Galvanically decoupled electric energy supply for harsh environments

The innovative piezoelectric energy transfer unit is ideally suitable for devices, which generate a strong magnetic field. This field can be used as an external supporting field for the energy transfer unit. 25.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Treatment of Varieties of Dermatitis and Malassezia Yeasts

We offer compounds consisting of alkaline salts and earth alka-line salts usable for treatment and prophylaxis of dermatitis and other malassezia-associated diseases. 25.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Monitoring of position of recipients and of equipment located therein

The solution enables a simple and cost-efficient monitoring of the position of recipients and the therein located installations. As a contactless procedure, it is applicable during regular operation. 20.07.2016 | nachricht Read more


The present invention relates to a new, effective, price competitive, and environmentally preferable ionic fluorosurfactants for a broad range of applications. 20.07.2016 | nachricht Read more


The present invention relates to new polymerisable fluorosurfactants. Commonly used surfactants are affected by phase out regulations or require tedious synthesis. 20.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Light-guided Scleral Depressor-Marker for Extrascleral Surgery

In ophthalmologic surgery, it is often necessary to mark the pathological alterations of vitreoretinal structures on the sclera. The new depressor-marker allows depressing and marking with only one device, which must not be changed during ophthalmological surgery. 20.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Ionization manometer for position-dependent UHV/XHV measurement in a recipient

This innovative solution was mainly developed for the measurement of the residual gas pressure in beam pipes of circular and linear accelerators. It allows pressure measurements in areas of a recipient that are difficult to access. 20.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

Time dynamic 3D data visualization for GPU hardware

The invention presented here is a procedure which can be profitably implemented into a graphics processor to contribute to a noticeable increase of performance. 19.07.2016 | nachricht Read more

New device for damping vibrations in long-span suspension bridges

Bridges need tob e designed against wind-induced vibrations as flatter, phenomena of capital importance in long-span suspension bridges. We introduce an invention based on fixed wings with no moving mechanical parts and no requirements for power source that increases the critical wind speed on 30%. High robustness, low installation costs and total adaptability to local climate conditions represent important advantages to the current state of the art. 15.07.2016 | nachricht Read more
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Im Focus: Self-assembling nano inks form conductive and transparent grids during imprint

Transparent electronics devices are present in today’s thin film displays, solar cells, and touchscreens. The future will bring flexible versions of such devices. Their production requires printable materials that are transparent and remain highly conductive even when deformed. Researchers at INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials have combined a new self-assembling nano ink with an imprint process to create flexible conductive grids with a resolution below one micrometer.

To print the grids, an ink of gold nanowires is applied to a substrate. A structured stamp is pressed on the substrate and forces the ink into a pattern. “The...

Im Focus: The Glowing Brain

A new Fraunhofer MEVIS method conveys medical interrelationships quickly and intuitively with innovative visualization technology

On the monitor, a brain spins slowly and can be examined from every angle. Suddenly, some sections start glowing, first on the side and then the entire back of...

Im Focus: Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Ames Laboratory have discovered an unusual property of purple bronze that may point to new ways to achieve high temperature superconductivity.

While studying purple bronze, a molybdenum oxide, researchers discovered an unconventional charge density wave on its surface.

Im Focus: Mapping electromagnetic waveforms

Munich Physicists have developed a novel electron microscope that can visualize electromagnetic fields oscillating at frequencies of billions of cycles per second.

Temporally varying electromagnetic fields are the driving force behind the whole of electronics. Their polarities can change at mind-bogglingly fast rates, and...

Im Focus: Continental tug-of-war - until the rope snaps

Breakup of continents with two speed: Continents initially stretch very slowly along the future splitting zone, but then move apart very quickly before the onset of rupture. The final speed can be up to 20 times faster than in the first, slow extension phase.phases

Present-day continents were shaped hundreds of millions of years ago as the supercontinent Pangaea broke apart. Derived from Pangaea’s main fragments Gondwana...

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