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DBS-STB - Novel storage and shipping container for DBS-Cards

The present invention provides a novel container which allows the secure and stable storage of DBS-cards. The device comprises an air-tight box which can be used to store DBS-cards under vacuum or an inert gas such as nitrogen. Additionally, a drying agent in the container prevents accumulation of humidity, thereby ensuring the safe storage of samples at room temperature or in the freezer. The storage of DBS-cards without oxygen and humidity enables to prevent any form of sample deterioration over a longer time period. Furthermore, the container is equipped with a proof of originality. The container can only be opened by breaking the proof of originality, thereby making any tampering attempt visible immediately. Thus, this novel container enables the reliable analysis of DBS-cards. 22.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

EMULSION BUSTER 2.0 - Easy Emulsion Separation in Bioprocesses

A process for an efficient phase separation of emulsions resulting from biphasic whole cell-bio-transformations has been developed at the TU Dortmund. The phase separation of unavoidable emulsions typically present due the presence of microorganisms and bio-surfactants, which has previously been seen as problematic, has been greatly simplified to permit further processing of the reaction mixture. In contrast to other approaches such as the use of de-emulsifiers or centrifuges a phase separation can be achieved with a minimal effort in both energy and equipment. Using a physical effect the new methods enables a high potential for an industrial application due to its scalability, low costs and easy process control. 22.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Compound for the treatment of pemphigus vulgaris

The invention concerns a T-cell based immunotherapy using peptides which are derived from human membrane protein desmoglein. By applying a medical preparation including a peptide or a combination of peptides, a specific immunological tolerance is triggered. Therefore, the clinical signs of pemphigus vulgaris disease improve, because the base for disease is deprived. 21.04.2015 | nachricht Read more


An der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (HTW Saar) wurde nun ein System entwickelt, dass die Möglichkeiten erdgedeckter Flüssiggas-tanks optimal aus nutzt und so eine substanzielle Energie-und Kosteneinsparung generiert. Die entscheidende Innovation besteht darin, dass flüssiggas betriebene Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW) mit einer Wärmepumpe zu koppeln, wobei der Gastank außer zur Speicherung des Flüssiggases gleichzeitig als Erdwärmekollektor und Verdampfer für die Wärmepumpe genutzt wird. Dies ist nur bei einem erdgedeckten Tank sinnvoll möglich. Das Flüssiggas dient im laufenden Betrieb gleichzeitig als Kraftstoff und als Kältemittel. Die erfindungsgemäße Anlage trägt auf diese Weise dazu bei, Betriebskosten zu reduzieren und die Energieeffizienz des Systems zu steigern. Da die verwendeten Komponenten bis auf wenige Bauteile mit denen eines herkömmlichen flüssiggasbetriebenen BHKW übereinstimmen, kann auf einfache Weise und ohne die Anschaffung separater Wärmekollektoren ein deutliches Einsparpotenzial nutzbar gemacht werden. Modellrechnungen ergeben eine Reduktion des Kraftstoffverbrauchs von bis zu 40%. Die Optimierung des gesamten Systems im Hinblick auf die verschieden Betriebsparameter ist Gegenstand einer aktuellen Prototypenstudie. 15.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Biosensor and method to analyze specific components of complex fluids

The presented method combines the advantages of a highly specific and sensitive immunological sensor surface with the extensive detail of an infrared spectroscopic analysis, with particular regard to the secondary structure analysis of protein biomarker candidates. Every non-clotting, cell-free fluid is analyzable. 14.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Force constant adaptation of braided sleeving in the automated production of braided components

The Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) at the University of Stuttgart developed a flexible pressure roll mechanism for braiding machines, which significantly improves the automated braiding of components with sharp curvatures and widely varying cross-sections without the need for manual intervention. While overbraiding a mandrel the flexible mounting of the pressure rolls allows for adaptation to the mandrel's positioning (e.g. inclined position) and to changes in the cross section. They exert a constant and precisely defined force on the braid and thereby press it against the mandrel. As part of the automated process, the robot control of the braiding machine coordinates the movement of the pressure rolls. This significantly improves the braiding of components with a variable cross-section and curvatures so that manual intervention is no longer required. 01.04.2015 | nachricht Read more

Ultrasonic sensor with adjustable protective cover for the dental approximal region

Based on a very thin, high-strength design of the invention the ultrasonic sensor is placed between the teeth of the approximal region, thus reducing the distance significantly. As a result the images posses a very high spatial resolution. The ultrasonic sensor consists of a metallic base plate with a reinforced frame, made of high-strength pure titanium or a TiAl6V4 alloy. The edges of the frame are rounded to make the insertion in the approximal region more comfortable. The total thickness of the design is limited to a maximum of 0.8 mm. The piezoelectric part is made on a PVDF-film equipped with spacers and shielded by an adjustable cover. The cover allows for a special contact by respecting the safety clearance to the teeth. By removing the cover hydrogel is pumped into the gap to provide acoustic coupling. In addition, it is used for lubrication of the cover movement. 31.03.2015 | nachricht Read more

PEN - Efficient and catalytic formation of highly substituted Pyrazoles by Enamines and Nitriles

Scientist at the Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster developed the efficient Cu-catalyzed PEN method for the formation of tetra-substituted pyrazoles. In this atomeconomic process, readily available enamines and nitriles are reacted by C-C and N-N bond formation. A broad scope of enamines and nitriles can be utilized in this process. 30.03.2015 | nachricht Read more

Low-vibration sample holder for cryo fluorescence microscopic applications

The invention relates to a sample holder to be used in cryo fluorescence microscopes or to simply and cost effectively upgrade a room temperature fluorescence microscope. The holder solves existing problems regarding thermal and mechanical stability of the sample and allows for a localization accuracy of a few hundred Angstroms. 27.03.2015 | nachricht Read more

Variable number of threads in braiding machines

A new embodiment of a braiding machine was developed at the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) of Stuttgart University. It features a thread positioning unit which forms a secondary ring of horn-gears close to the braiding point. This secondary ring moves synchronously with the primary horn-gears of the braiding machine. Therefore, the position of each thread, that is close to the mandrel, is clearly defined. This is a basic requirement for manipulation of specific threads during the braiding process, which in turn permits the automated production of components with highly varying diameters at a constant braid angle. 16.03.2015 | nachricht Read more
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Im Focus: Fast and Accurate 3-D Imaging Technique to Track Optically-Trapped Particles

KAIST researchers published an article on the development of a novel technique to precisely track the 3-D positions of optically-trapped particles having complicated geometry in high speed in the April 2015 issue of Optica.

Daejeon, Republic of Korea, April 23, 2015--Optical tweezers have been used as an invaluable tool for exerting micro-scale force on microscopic particles and...

Im Focus: NOAA, Tulane identify second possible specimen of 'pocket shark' ever found

Pocket sharks are among the world's rarest finds

A very small and rare species of shark is swimming its way through scientific literature. But don't worry, the chances of this inches-long vertebrate biting...

Im Focus: Drexel materials scientists putting a new spin on computing memory

Ever since computers have been small enough to be fixtures on desks and laps, their central processing has functioned something like an atomic Etch A Sketch, with electromagnetic fields pushing data bits into place to encode data.

Unfortunately, the same drawbacks and perils of the mechanical sketch board have been just as pervasive in computing: making a change often requires starting...

Im Focus: Exploding stars help to understand thunderclouds on Earth

How is lightning initiated in thunderclouds? This is difficult to answer - how do you measure electric fields inside large, dangerously charged clouds? It was discovered, more or less by coincidence, that cosmic rays provide suitable probes to measure electric fields within thunderclouds. This surprising finding is published in Physical Review Letters on April 24th. The measurements were performed with the LOFAR radio telescope located in the Netherlands.

How is lightning initiated in thunderclouds? This is difficult to answer - how do you measure electric fields inside large, dangerously charged clouds? It was...

Im Focus: On the trail of a trace gas

Max Planck researcher Buhalqem Mamtimin determines how much nitrogen oxide is released into the atmosphere from agriculturally used oases.

In order to make statements about current and future air pollution, scientists use models which simulate the Earth’s atmosphere. A lot of information such as...

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