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Method for the specific Diagnosis of Fusarium Infections

This new biomarker provides a convenient and reliable assay for the detection and differentiation of Fusarium from other fungal pathogens, especially Aspergillus. 21.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Smart chip collector

The radial adjustable suction hood increases the efficiency of the chip waste handling. 21.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Quality management and security tech-nology based on THz Time Domain Spectroscopy

The THz Time Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) offers unique possibilities to obtain information about the structure and composition of a series of material classes, in particular dielectric materials. This technology can be used as a routine application in inline monitoring in the food, plastics and paper industries, as well as in the security sector. 20.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

STRAP Method for Improved Pitch Perception via Cochlea Implants

Scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main have developed the so-called STRAP (Steering of Tonotopic Rate Adaptive Pitch) procedure for optimizing the stimulation strategy for cochlea implants. By position-dependent adjustment of the stimulation rate to each individual electrode, a much more precise pitch perception is achieved. 19.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Resource- and energy-efficient synthesis of metal oxide dispersions

This development enables the simple, wet-chemical, microwave-assisted production of non-agglomerating nanoparticles (e.g. titanium oxide, zinc oxide, zirconium dioxide) from metal salts. Key advantages of this development include the production of nanoparticles of variable sizes and the prevention of agglomeration. 19.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Diamondoids ? a novel class of substances for DLC coatings, heat conducting substances, as an additive to polymers and for anti-counterfeiting

Diamondoids are molecules whose framework structure constitutes a section of the diamond lattice. Due to their size in the range of 0.5-2 nm, they can be considered as ?nano-diamonds? with a hydrogen-terminated surface. Since they are extremely similar to diamonds and therefore possess many of their positive properties, diamondoids have the potential to serve as an enabling technology. 19.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Laser-arc hybrid welding

This invention is a laser-arc hybrid welding process that uses a specially shaped electrode made of filler metal. Unlike conventional laser-arc welding processes, the coaxial arrangement of the individual processes results in a deeper penetration depth with increased process speed and improved inert gas efficacy. In addition, workpieces can be welded regardless of orientation and in forced position welding, because a change of direction does not result in any changes in the arrangement of the arc-electrode-laser beam. 12.08.2015 | nachricht Read more

Device and process for the agglomeration of colloids

This invention provides a device for the agglomeration of very finely distributed solids, colloids, or fibres, especially in elutriates, pasty goods, fine particle systems, and/or liquids (pelletization equipment) with alternative reactor geometry and a new reactor design that makes it possible to improve the agglomeration of suspended particles (with a size of > 1 µm) and to increase throughput of treatable substances, such as sludge or slurry. 29.07.2015 | nachricht Read more

Method for rapid optimization of FEBID/FIBID processes

Localized conducting nanostructure fabrication by bottom-up approaches, such as focused electron or ion beam induced deposition (FEBID/ FIBID) or selective-area atomic layer deposition (SA-ALD), are more and more frequently used in different application fields. Researchers from the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main have developed a semi-automatic electrical conduction optimization process for these bottom-up techniques. The process is fully customizable, highly efficient and fast. 29.07.2015 | nachricht Read more

Intelligent Method and System for the Analysis of Optical Retardation

The new method enables the determination of birefringence from unknown samples in absolute values without a calibration of the apparatus. Furthermore it allows a quantitative analysis of the materials with regard to robustness, elongation at rupture and colour uniformity. The method can easily be integrated in normal polarisation microscopes and provides the possibility of analysing optical retardation with spatial resolution. 21.07.2015 | nachricht Read more
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Die letzten 5 Focus-News des innovations-reports im Überblick:

Im Focus: OU astrophysicist and collaborators find supermassive black holes in quasar nearest Earth

A University of Oklahoma astrophysicist and his Chinese collaborator have found two supermassive black holes in Markarian 231, the nearest quasar to Earth, using observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

The discovery of two supermassive black holes--one larger one and a second, smaller one--are evidence of a binary black hole and suggests that supermassive...

Im Focus: What would a tsunami in the Mediterranean look like?

A team of European researchers have developed a model to simulate the impact of tsunamis generated by earthquakes and applied it to the Eastern Mediterranean. The results show how tsunami waves could hit and inundate coastal areas in southern Italy and Greece. The study is published today (27 August) in Ocean Science, an open access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Though not as frequent as in the Pacific and Indian oceans, tsunamis also occur in the Mediterranean, mainly due to earthquakes generated when the African...

Im Focus: Self-healing landscape: landslides after earthquake

In mountainous regions earthquakes often cause strong landslides, which can be exacerbated by heavy rain. However, after an initial increase, the frequency of these mass wasting events, often enormous and dangerous, declines, in fact independently of meteorological events and aftershocks.

These new findings are presented by a German-Franco-Japanese team of geoscientists in the current issue of the journal Geology, under the lead of the GFZ...

Im Focus: FIC Proteins Send Bacteria Into Hibernation

Bacteria do not cease to amaze us with their survival strategies. A research team from the University of Basel's Biozentrum has now discovered how bacteria enter a sleep mode using a so-called FIC toxin. In the current issue of “Cell Reports”, the scientists describe the mechanism of action and also explain why their discovery provides new insights into the evolution of pathogens.

For many poisons there are antidotes which neutralize their toxic effect. Toxin-antitoxin systems in bacteria work in a similar manner: As long as a cell...

Im Focus: Fraunhofer IPA develops prototype of intelligent care cart

It comes when called, bringing care utensils with it and recording how they are used: Fraunhofer IPA is developing an intelligent care cart that provides care staff with physical and informational support in their day-to-day work. The scientists at Fraunhofer IPA have now completed a first prototype. In doing so, they are continuing in their efforts to improve working conditions in the care sector and are developing solutions designed to address the challenges of demographic change.

Technical assistance systems can improve the difficult working conditions in residential nursing homes and hospitals by helping the staff in their work and...

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