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New Furin Inhibitors for Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Novel peptidomimetic furin inhibitors strongly inhibit the furin-dependent activation of several viral surface proteins and bacte-rial toxins. Therefore, these inhibitors are a promising new approach for the treatment of diseases, which are caused by furin-dependent infectious agents. Such diseases are for example influenza, measles, mumps, yellow fever, canine distemper, anthrax, and diphtheria. 01.07.2015 | nachricht Read more

Highly specific nucleases for gene targeting and gene therapy

The new chimeric nucleases exhibit an increased preference and specificity for DNA cleavage sites composed of two or three recognition sites and allow single cuts in the genome which reduces the toxic side effects substantially. The high specificity and preference of the new chimeric nucleases is based on a fusion of TALE proteins as DNA binding modules with a highly specific restriction endonuclease, PvuII, as DNA cleavage module. 01.07.2015 | nachricht Read more

Gentle and efficient restructuring of wooden supporting structures

A major challenge of construction within existing contexts is that renovated as well as newly built supporting structures have to comply with similar requirements regarding statics and outer appearance. E.g. component connections have to comply with standards in the fields of fire protection, corrosion protection and protection of historical monuments. Steel elements pasted into wood provide a solution for these rquirements. 29.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Rotatory ultrasound machining

Device for machining with rotatory ultrasound-vibrations: Reduced tool wear, very fine surface roughness and only little feathering of workpieces prove the advantages of hybrid manufacturing processes such as ultrasound machining. A newly developed device for machining combined with rotatory ultrasound oscillations enables a low-wear and thus more efficient processing of high performance materials such as hard metal, ceramic and fiber-reinforced plastics, compared to conventional methods. 29.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Vector Phase Tracking of GNSS carrier signals

GNSS enables the determination of positions by the help of a carrier phase with an accuracy down to some centimeters. The GNSS receivers typically determine the carrier phase by help of a phase locked loop continuously. However, up to now GNSS receivers are tracking the carrier phase of each satellite and each frequency separately. This is a big drawback since the strong spectral and spatial correlation between carrier phases is not being exploited which makes phase tracking error-prone. Furthermore, this leads to a number of phase jumps especially with low-cost GNSS receivers. The new patented invention comprises a vector phase tracking method, which processes the carrier phases of all visible satellites on all available frequencies simultaneously, thus using the spectral and spatial correlation of the measurement. It enables a continuous, smooth tracking of carrier phases, even when the signal strength (C/NO) of individual satellites breaks down by 20 dB. Therefore the method is very suitable for the use of low-cost GNSS receivers/antennas in environments with multiple faults and ionospheric scintillations. 29.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Solid state polymer electrolyte membrane

Method for production of a mechanical stable and flexible polymer based ion conducting solid state polymer electrolyte membrane for the use in lithium based accumulators. 25.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Regenerative storage system with fuel synthesis

The invention describes a combined electricity generation and storage system, preferably based on renewable burnable gases e.g. from biogas plants or biomass gasification. 23.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

SMA therapy approach - Down-regulation of NCALD in spinal muscular atrophy and diseases with a disturbed calcium homeostasis

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an autosomal recessive disorder based on the loss of the survival motor neuron 1 (SMN1) genes. The severity of the disease is inversely correlated with the copy number of the main disease modifying gene SMN2. In rare cases, siblings of SMA patients do not show SMA, although they carry exactly the same SMN1 and SMN2 gene status as their SMA affected relatives. So other genetic factors are able to fully protect homozygously SMN1-deleted individuals from developing SMA. The inventors found that this phenomenon might be caused by the overexpression of plastin 3, an actin-bundling protein, and/or low expression levels of the calcium sensing protein neurocalcin delta (NCALD). In vitro and in vivo studies show that inhibitors of neurocalcin delta (NCALD) are suitable for treating and preventing such disorders in a patient. Said inhibitors are, likewise, effective tools for in vitro neuronal differentiation and maturation, and restoration of impaired endocytosis. 22.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Sampling Device for High-Throughput Light-Sheet-Based Microscopy

Light-sheet-based fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) is a powerful method to analyze 3D living or fixed biological samples - such as cell cultures, embryos, or tissue - with high temporal resolution. The novel sampling device facilitates high-throughput LSFM measurements without loss of imaging quality. 18.06.2015 | nachricht Read more

Method and Device for Fluorescence Investigations of Fixed and Living Three-Dimensional Samples

Light-sheet-based fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) is a powerful method to analyze 3D living or fixed biological samples - such as cell cultures, embryos, or tissue - with high temporal resolution. An advanced method has been developed to minimize negative effects due to bleaching and light-induced stress. Additionally, it is suited for larger sample sizes. 18.06.2015 | nachricht Read more
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Die letzten 5 Focus-News des innovations-reports im Überblick:

Im Focus: X-rays and electrons join forces to map catalytic reactions in real-time

New technique combines electron microscopy and synchrotron X-rays to track chemical reactions under real operating conditions

A new technique pioneered at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory reveals atomic-scale changes during catalytic reactions in real...

Im Focus: Iron: A biological element?

Think of an object made of iron: An I-beam, a car frame, a nail. Now imagine that half of the iron in that object owes its existence to bacteria living two and a half billion years ago.

Think of an object made of iron: An I-beam, a car frame, a nail. Now imagine that half of the iron in that object owes its existence to bacteria living two and...

Im Focus: Thousands of Droplets for Diagnostics

Researchers develop new method enabling DNA molecules to be counted in just 30 minutes

A team of scientists including PhD student Friedrich Schuler from the Laboratory of MEMS Applications at the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of...

Im Focus: Bionic eye clinical trial results show long-term safety, efficacy vision-restoring implant

Patients using Argus II experienced significant improvement in visual function and quality of life

The three-year clinical trial results of the retinal implant popularly known as the "bionic eye," have proven the long-term efficacy, safety and reliability of...

Im Focus: Lasers for Fast Internet in Space – Space Technology from Aachen

On June 23, the second Sentinel mission was launched from the space mission launch center in Kourou. A critical component of Aachen is on board. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT and Tesat-Spacecom have jointly developed the know-how for space-qualified laser components. For the Sentinel mission the diode laser pump module of the Laser Communication Terminal LCT was planned and constructed in Aachen in cooperation with the manufacturer of the LCT, Tesat-Spacecom, and the Ferdinand Braun Institute.

After eight years of preparation, in the early morning of June 23 the time had come: in Kourou in French Guiana, the European Space Agency launched the...

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