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Standardizing flexibility

New version 1.9 of EPLAN Electric P8

The optional EPR module in the new EPLAN Electric P8 version checks projects for specified standards - thus ensuring high-quality complete documentation.

While standardization is boosting engineering productivity, E-CAD software should also give users increased choice and flexibility. New features available with EPLAN’s Electric P8 Version 1.9 do just that.

These include functions for parts management and documentation that facilitate working with individual configurations as well as an enhanced, optional EPLAN View that helps maintenance technicians quickly pinpoint the documentation they need to get on with their work faster. Similarly, the new, optional EPR add-on module eliminates a tedious but necessary chore – manual analysis of incoming projects to verify compliance with established standards and quality requirements.

With a single keystroke, the EPR (EPLAN Project Reference) module performs an automated analysis of an incoming project and creates a structured evaluation that lists all deviations from specified standards and quality requirements, particularly important for verifying incoming design data from different suppliers. The EPR can also ensure compliance with internal quality standards – so everything fits perfectly and everyone involved uses the same templates, symbols, plot frames and forms.

Flexible parts management

In carrying out projects, the faster you find things and the fewer searches you have to conduct the better. The new parts management function in Version 1.9 uses every descriptive property to support organizational functions. Users can define their individual parts tree structure, which also reproduces internal company identification codes. This provides more leeway in the project and supports the user in selecting the automation components required for such things as cable configurations.

There are more importing options as well – parts data from manufacturers' catalogs can be integrated seamlessly into the parts management function.

Standards as desired

Which properties to display with an item in a schematic? That’s crucial if the user wants to specify and enforce his or her own company’s standards. Version 1.9 allows users to individually configure and store the display of item data in the schematic. Once specified, the user selects the formatting and sequencing of the properties to speed up design. The connection point designations can also be defined and configured separately. EPLAN calls this standardizing flexibility.

Concentrating on the essence

The number of documents associated with a project continues to grow. Besides the schematics and report lists, there are documents covering the automation components such as device data sheets, maintenance information or operating instructions; all of which is available in an EPLAN project. Now, users can control the range of documents for distribution with a project by employing the “Print accompanying documents" command to select only those documents that a particular recipient needs to see, while retaining the rest for when they will be needed.


Technicians require rapid access to the electrical documentation to handle routine maintenance or malfunctions. EPLAN View now allows them to jump directly to all device representations in the documentation via the device and bill of materials navigators. No more scrolling or searching through the documentation. Potentials and signals are highlighted in color in the schematic – for faster access. If machine and plant documentation is used internationally, a different display language can be selected in EPLAN View. Making full project documentation available in the local language can make life much easier for technicians in the field.

Easy handling using drag-and-drop

EPLAN Electric P8 Version 1.9 doesn’t just run under Windows® Vista and XP – it also handles like Windows®. Users can copy pages by dragging-and-dropping them - like files in the Windows® Explorer. Page macros can be dragged from the hard disk just as easily. And structure identifiers can be modified directly in the page navigator. Furthermore, the properties of a partial circuit can be modified via the value set using the "Placeholder objects" function. If one uses a lot of variables displayed in a tree structure with a value set, complete equipment documentation can be configured with a single click. That's how easy engineering becomes when partial circuits and schematics are re-utilized in the form of templates.

EPLAN Software & Service

EPLAN Software & Service is a software provider for global engineering solutions. All advanced development work centers around efficient workflows and process support. Customers benefit from effective support through a broad range of services, including training, consulting and customer solutions. With some 18,000 customers and 60,000 installations worldwide, this German-based company has been demonstrating the success of its consistent practical orientation and international presence for more than 20 years. As a Rittal subsidiary and part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, the name EPLAN Software & Service has become synonymous with durability and investment security.

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