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Web Services Link Trucks to Dispatch Companies


Software AG Integrates DispoPilot into FleetBoard’s Telematics Service

Based on its XML business integration technology, Software AG has created a link between the new mobile DispoPilot by DaimlerChrysler Services FleetBoard and its Internet-based telematics service for vehicle and shipping management. DispoPilot is an important component of FleetBoard’s offering. It reduces operating costs for the shipping industry and improves the quality of service. FleetBoard’s Internet service is used by more than 800 shipping companies in Europe to guide over 15,000 vehicles. The new DispoPilot will be unveiled at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge (International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles) 2004 at the end of September.

Software AG has played a significant role in the development of FleetBoard services since its introduction to the market in 1999. FleetBoard’s new device, DispoPilot, offers dispatchers at shipping companies the ability to communicate with their drivers along with navigation and barcode scanning functionality. Software AG’s Tamino XML Server provides shipping companies with a central platform for storage and management of all relevant logistics data. Software AG included a number of enhancements in the new FleetBoard DispoPilot. The order management component now features address organization with all geo-positioning information necessary for navigation. DispoPilot automatically stores shipping addresses in its navigation component. Drivers are guided by way of digital maps or symbols and arrows, all in combination with voice output. A monitor tracks the arrival area and time, in addition to informing the shipping company immediately in the event of arrivals, departures and delays. Freight information is efficiently and accurately stored and made available as Web services for connected systems. In this way, DispoPilot allows barcodes to be scanned and stored immediately to Tamino XML Server, simplifying and accelerating the organization of incoming information on freight. Routes are completely planned and forwarded to trucks in one step. Vehicle position, status and messages from drivers are all transferred directly to the shipping companies. Fleet Management with XMLThe telematics-based solution for vehicle and shipping management is run centrally at the FleetBoard Service Center in Stuttgart, Germany. Its architecture consists of three layers, with Java at the core of its business logic layer. Messages are sent and received on browsers at the connected shipping companies via the SMS channel of the national GSM networks. DispoPilot is equipped with a Java-Applet, making it user-friendly for drivers. Customers’ individual shipping software solutions are integrated with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standard protocol, eliminating the need to manually enter data into FleetBoard.



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